Stephen Paddock’s House Broken Into

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
October 13, 2017

The house at the center of the most important criminal investigation in America right now was broken into. Both the FBI and the local police were responsible for securing this scene, yet someone managed to get in and out without anyone in the quiet retirement community seeing anything.

The way this is being reported is that the people investigating are a bunch of oafish Mr. Beans who just forgot to lock the door.

Nobody believes it.

NY Daily News:

Authorities returned to the once sleepy retirement community in Nevada where the Las Vegas shooter had lived following reports that someone had broken into his home.

The Somersett neighborhood in Reno was thrust into the spotlight after Stephen Paddock sprayed bullets from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay resort down on those attending the Route 91 Festival below. He killed 58 people and injured hundreds more before turning the gun on himself.

Officer Tim Broadway told the Reno Gazette-Journal police were called to the scene by a neighbor who noticed a light on inside the home.

He said at least one person broke into the residence through the front door, though he’s not exactly sure how they managed to gain entry.

Broadway added officers “immediately notified the FBI” and that authorities are working together to prevent similar incidents moving forward.

Nothing seemed to be damaged or missing from the home, located just on the edge of the Sierra Foothills, according to police. Authorities do not yet have any suspects.

Old people in little communities like this are sitting around looking out the window 24 hours a day, yet there are no suspects?

At this point, even run-of-the-mill conservative blue pill merchants are implying that the state and the police are hiding something. Whatever it is, it’s big and could shake our power structure to its core.

Modern day America is too multicultural, third world and incoherent to successfully cover something of this magnitude up. Even if they succeed in preventing the motive from coming out, it will be so clunky and ham-fisted that everyone will know they hid something anyway.

Is Paddock a CIA agent gone rogue?

Was he a middle man trafficking arms from the US government to ISIS?

Did the Mossad do it to try and frame Iran?

Was there an anti-Trump or anti-white motive they fear could spark a popular uprising against the Judeo-Left?

Any speculation is better than what they’ve given us so far. The only explanation put out for public consumption is from media Kikes who say Paddock randomly started firing into a crowd of people solely because of his European genetics.

Right now our country doesn’t have any real journalists. Our politicians and public servants get more and more corrupt by the minute. There’s nobody watching.

Multiple people know something. It’s up to them to come forward and leak it so America can finally find closure regarding this really disturbing mystery.