Stocks Collapsing Because China.

Daily Stormer
August 24, 2015

Guys, this is serious, stop.
Guys, this is serious, stop.

The quicker the economic collapse happens, the better.


Stock markets in London, Paris and Frankfurt have fallen sharply as fears of a Chinese economic slowdown continue to haunt investors.

London’s FTSE 100 index was down by 2.6% in morning trade, with major markets in France and Germany also falling by a similar amount.

Shares in Asia were hit overnight, with the Shanghai Composite in China closing down 8.5%, its worst close since 2007.

The Chinese authorities tried in vain to reassure investors.

Probably we won’t ever see an Alex Jones-style Mad Max/Walking Dead economic collapse, but I think we are probably headed for another 2008 pretty soon. And it might be significantly worse than last time.

But hey, leading up to the election, if the economy’s worse, people are going to be a lot more likely to vote for the guy who wrote The Art of the Deal.


  1. “Probably we won’t ever see an Alex Jones-style Mad Max/Walking Dead economic collapse, but I think we are probably headed for another 2008 pretty soon. And it might be significantly worse than last time.”

    It could lead to that if the US implements capital controls ala Greece style. That would definitely lead up to civil unrest. And we all know how much the negros love civil unrest.

  2. I’ve got 40 gallons of water stored in bottles in my house. The Mexican neighborhood I live in will suffer in an emergency, but not I nor my white neighbors.

  3. “Correction”—an often spoken word in any Charlie Chan Movie : “Correction Preeze. You no longer have big money, your money melt like chocolate soldier left int the sun”

  4. Yea, well the Chinese will laugh all the way through a Shakespearian tragedy..

    Mountain Man arrested for trying to feed himself, owns menopausal femi-oso
    judge and walks out (fixed)
    Mental as Anything Apocalypso
    This speech is inspirational.
    The clash Rocking the Casbah Government Centre THE ONLY WAY WESTERN GOVERNMENTS WILL GET BETTER?
    v=Iz8STZNch6o Sioixie and the Banshee’s Happy House
    Dr Feelgood Down at the doctors
    With the truck in Melbourne Australia.
    Thunderstruck With the war machines hopefully they will not be used against us this time, but against the usual suspects…

  5. the day of the rope is approaching!

  6. Today in History:

    “On August 24th, 410, Rome was overrun by the Visigoths in an event that symbolized the fall of the Western Roman Empire. This is a moment in history that we would do well to remember. An empire that ruled the world was corrupted from the inside to the point that they could not defend themselves from a much weaker enemy. This could conceivably be the beginning of the dark middle ages.”


  7. Since everyone has much less savings (fat) to get through the winter than last time, it will be worse.

  8. The rest of the world already looks like Mad Max and the Walking Dead. America and Europe aren’t far behind…

  9. I agree, this helps Trump immensely. One would think that immigration is not a good idea when citizens can’t even find work, but that concept seems to be lost on most Americans.

  10. BobWhitakerisokay

    Cuckservatives are big supporters of “free trade” and the global economics. Perhaps folks won’t forget this next year when they’re looking for your votes.

  11. ChingChongChinaman

    Let us also not forget just 80 years ago the average chinese lifespan was 36 years. They are not the advanced superior iq people the Jew has convinced u they are

  12. ChingChongChinaman

    It’s no surprise to me, these superior iq chinese can’t take a credit card from a guy in a bar without chaos screaming and confusion , they can’t run anything right , having our economy and their economy intertwined , this was bound to happen. Westerners simply don’t know how stupid arrogant pigheaded they are, a people incapable of open creative abstract thought

    • Whether or not they have a higher average IQ is irrelevant to the fact tat they are uncivilized. Just look at the way they treat their animals and eat fetuses. Intelligence =/= Humanity.

      • That’s dead right. You judge a people or race by the way they treat their most vulnerable. Aborting foetuses (female) on an industrial scale. Thanks to yet another White man’s invention (are not they all) – the ultrasound. Their venality, corruption and the fact they see the world completely differently. Their former tradition of binding women’s feet. Their former penchant for eunuch’s. The sale of executed criminals on trumped up charges for their body parts. The smashing down of an iron bar on a dogs muzzle to release adrenalin to supposedly improve the flavour. Milking of brown bears bowls causing excruciating pain. Their current plunder of African endangered species due to the fact the niggers kicked the White man out and shouted ra! ra! ra! we are free of the colonial oppressors. MAO TSE TUNG. Tiananmen square. RED GUARDS. TIBET. Their spurious mindless traditional medicines. (A filthy rich Gook would kill the last serving tiger to use his penis remains to get his miserable rat ****ing little dick up). The fact they will eat anything with four legs except a table (unless it’s BAMBOO of course…) And on it ****ing goes. Rotten venal filthy little rat****ers…

  13. Stocks are collapsing because the greedy jew and his house-of-cards financial system is finally falling apart.

  14. Every seven years so far Gentlemen. Get your short sells in before December.

  15. Ve vill match ye, shekel for shekel-not.-Jews

  16. China’s public and private equity valuations have been a scam for years. Western investors have known this but we’re riding the wave of Chinese “middle class” investment and getting rich.

    It was almost comical when Beijing would report 7% growth when real exports had fallen, Hong Kong and Singapore would report 0%-2%. The Chinese would show domestic growth out pacing exports to the tune of exactly 7% and money would pour in.

    The “high IQ” Chinese in the domestic markets were putting billions into “tech” companies that consisted of one guy in an empty warehouse and a few halogen lightbulbs. It was only a matter of time before international investors caught on. With Beijing’s guarantee of exponential 7% growth worth about as much as used toilet paper, shit in China is going to get real bad.

  17. A total collapse is something to be welcomed. God willing it will lead to the EBT cards running out and the gibsmedat spigot closing. Perhaps then the negroes and the Spanish mulattoes will re enact Katrina on a national scale and WTSHTF can commence.
    The last eight years of quantitative easing, stimulus, porkulus and PRINTING did probable prevent a 1929 type event. But the patient is not healthy; he’s conscious and sitting up in bed but is heavily medicated and on life support machines. A coma and death are his inevitable future.

  18. A week ago /pol/ said this would happen within a few weeks. They were right. Apparently it’s a “shemitah”, a hebrew tradition where every 7 years the economy is “resetted”.
    The last time this happened was fall 2008, exactly 7 years ago…

  19. We will see Balkanization at the worst. There simply are not enough strong leaders in the country do much else.

  20. The Chinese out-jewing the jews?

  21. jew Wall St. — SHUT IT DOWN!!!

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