Stop and Frisk Would Cut Chicago Shootings in Half in 90 Days

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 7, 2018

So the blacks are complaining that it is white people’s fault that they won’t stop killing each other at insane rates.

Though blacks have always enjoyed murdering one another, the huge jump in murderers over the last few years has been due to something called “the Ferguson Effect.”


The Ferguson effect is the idea that increased scrutiny of police following the 2014 shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri has led to an increased crime rate (or sometimes increased murder rate) in major U.S. cities. The mechanism usually suggested is that police have less vigorous enforcement in situations that might lead to backlash, though other mechanisms are suggested. The term was coined by Doyle Sam Dotson III, the chief of the St. Louis police, to account for an increased murder rate in some U.S. cities following the Ferguson unrest.

Basically, starting with the “my son would look like Trayvon Martin” bit, Barack Obama declared war on the police.

Police then began to be prosecuted for policing black behavior.

So they just stopped going to black neighborhoods.

So black people started killing each other a lot more.

In Chicago, they are blaming the Jew Mayor – ironically, Obama’s former chief of staff – for their insane murder rate, saying he has to do something about it.

I’m not in the habit of defending evil Israeli Jews… but I don’t know what he is supposed to be doing about the behavior of the black population. Guns are already effectively banned in Chicago. None of these murders are being committed with legal guns.

What You Could Do

The majority of these black murders, like every black behavior, are committed in the heat of the moment, rather than something they’ve planned out hours – let alone days – before.

So if you made it hard for them to have a gun on them all the time, they would commit a lot less shootings. Because “nigga I ain’t got no time to run to my crib to get mah piece to shoot dat nigga” will prevent about half of murders. At least.

You could do this with something called “stop and frisk,” which, as the name implies, is a policy of stopping black people on the street to frisk them for a gun.


The stop-question-and-frisk program, or stop-and-frisk, in New York City, is a New York City Police Department practice of temporarily detaining, questioning, and at times searching civilians on the street for weapons and other contraband. This is what is known in other places in the United States as the Terry stop. The rules for stop, question, and frisk are found in the state’s criminal procedure law section 140.50, and are based on the decision of the US Supreme Court in the case of Terry v. Ohio.

It was a Rudy Giuliani NYC program back when white people wanted to prevent black crime, and it worked extraordinarily well. Blacks all still had guns, but they couldn’t walk around with them. So if they wanted to kill someone, they would have to run home and get the gun, and most of them just don’t have the time for that.

They have other things that they need to do immediately.

But of course, in current year, there is no way you could enact such a program. It would be declared racist and evil. Courts would immediately declare it illegal.

Other than that though, I don’t really see any single way in which you could lower the murder rate in Chicago at this point, short of sending the National Guard in.

Personally, I don’t care, and think it’s funny.

They like this situation.

I don’t really see it as any of my business.

I would obviously prefer they do it in Africa.

Just Put This Guy in Charge lol

Troy LaRaviere is some kind of militant lunatic black nationalist.

And I guess the colored people like him.

The election is next year.

He will probably win.