#StopTheCaravan: Trump Again Tweets for a Second Day in a Row About the Incoming Horde!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 2, 2018

Over the weekend, I reported on the thousand-strong “caravan” of Central Americans marching up through Mexico towards the US border with a plan to illegally enter our country and claim “refugee” status based on the claim that their home countries are too violent and poor to live in.

Our good friend Mike Enoch – one of our only good friends still on Twitter – was rallying the troops.

Despite the fact that this caravan had been out of the mainstream media’s view, President Trump Tweeted about it on Sunday.

Phase one is complete – Trump publicly acknowledged an Alt-Right issue we’ve put forward as important to us before it becomes a mainstream thing (and thereby propelled it into the mainstream discussion).

However, while mentioning the word “caravan” and thus giving us the signal, Trump also referred the issue to Congress.

Then this morning, he tweeted again about to incoming caravan, but is now trying to pass it off to Mexico (again mentioning Congress as well).

Basically, he appears to be saying “I hear you guys, but there’s nothing I can do…”

Mr. President, we appreciate you hearing us, but this is not what we are asking for.

We want YOU to do something.

Because YOU are the man we elected – none of us cared about Congress.

Furthermore, this incoming caravan is not simply a challenge to our country – it is specifically a challenge to YOU, Donald Trump.

These people are testing YOU to see how YOU respond to it.

We want YOU to act, as commander-in-chief, to shut this down!

This is unquestionably a national security issue.

Pueblo Sin Fronteras (homepage, Facebook page) is the main group organizing this on the southern side. This is a “no borders” group that believes everyone in latin America has a right to live inside of the US and feed off of the fruits of our labor.

We are facing a horde of extremist, communist activists marching into our country.

They are working with extremists within America.

Alex Mensing has removed his name from the Pueblo Sin Fronteras homepage.

This was presumably so as to not risk getting charged as being a part of an international criminal conspiracy. However, he is on record as having played a role in planning this assault, and he continues posting about it on his Twitter page.

There is a larger goal here.

They are attempting to use this initial horde to set a precedent. To show the weakness of Donald Trump, of America as a nation, to show that they can simply march in however many people they want.

It is 1,000 now, but it will be 50,000 next time, then 1,000,000.

The globalist Jews behind this operation want to do us exactly like they did Europe.

This is a test balloon.

Of course, there is reason for Trump to pressure Mexico, and punishing them through trade, as he has suggested, is a good way to do that. And of course, Congress should absolutely act.

But right now, first and foremost, this is about President Donald Trump.

And unless he can get Mexico to agree to stop this with threats about NAFTA, then he needs to send the National Guard. Because that is something he absolutely CAN do.


This caravan is three weeks out.

We need the National Guard at the border before that.

Every one of you reading this needs to call the White House – do it today, do it tomorrow, do it the day after that.

(Note: They are not on the phone today, due to the Easter holiday – so start calling tomorrow! Send the email today!)

And write an email.

Here is the site to submit the form email.

Here is an example of what you need to send:

Dear Mr. President,

For the first time in my life, I voted in the 2016 Presidential election, for you, because your message spoke to me in a way that no other politicians rhetoric ever had.

Though you have had your ups and downs, overall I have been disappointed with the way you have handled immigration, which is the number one issue affecting this country.

I have seen, as you have seen, the caravan that is currently being marched from Central America and through Mexico with the intent to enter the United States.

Mr. President, if you do not act to stop this and defend the borders of this country, I will not be voting in 2020.

This caravan is a challenge to you, and it is within your authority to send the National Guard to protect the borders of this country.

If you fail to do this, I will not longer be able to say that I support your presidency.


(your name)

Preferably, you should write your own letter along these lines, but if you’re not up to it you can edit that one to fit your situation.


Whatever you do, do not use profanity (and obviously don’t use racial slurs)*, so that these messages can be presented in bulk to back up Trump’s action.

Furthermore, you need to call your Congressman and tell them the same.

Find your local Congressman’s contact information HERE.

NOTE: I am not at all interested in hearing about how "calling never works" and the people saying that should be looked at as subversives. We are making a request for action that is well within the ability of our government to act on. The left gained a large percentage of their power by directly lobbying the government, and when you see people claiming "this can't ever work, don't bother," you have to ask why people would be telling you not to take 5-10 minutes of your day to do this.

*If you want to troll someone, call the terrorist group marching these people in.

An Alt-Right Cause

This is our chance as that Alt-Right to flex our muscles and prove that we have the ability to affect change in this country. The fact that Trump responded to us – two days in a row – is a big deal, and shows that we do have the ability to make things move.

Beyond calling, those of you who can need to work on memes and flood comments sections with information about this.

If you’ve still got Twitter, hit up the #StopTheCaravan hashtag.