Stormer Book Club’s “Operation Hollow Hoax” Hits the Streets Running!

Stormer Book Club HQ
Daily Stormer
July 22, 2019

How informative!

As all well-informed patriotic Americans know, the Jews have leveraged the fairy tale they call the Holocaust to seize control of our societies, and have used this utterly ridiculous fabrication as a cudgel to beat over the heads of White people for decades.

Unfortunately, the average patriotic American is not well informed at all about the biggest, most ridiculous conspiracy theory in history, and who can blame them? The Jewish media has inundated them with horrific tales of the Holohoax for decades now, allowing no dissenting opinions to be taken seriously, or, for the most part, even be heard.

It’s often a hard hoax to debunk. There are so many stories and narratives, and it’s easy to overwhelm the average citizen with too much information, shutting down their ability to think critically and overcome the conditioning.

But there’s one really good way to get the old noggin to joggin’, and that’s to point out that the people who lied to you about soap and lampshades are also lying to you about gas chambers and ovens!

Stormer Book Club is on the case! Stormers, being the most well-informed and patriotic of all Americans, felt it incumbent upon them to get the word out about this vile blood libel!

Holohoax Memorial, Baltimore Maryland.

Zionist assclown John Hagee’s church in San Antonio, Texas

Oy veying and oy gevalting were all the rage on Twitter!

Of course, the Judenpresse was on the case!

Jewish Telegraphic Agency:

Two anti-Semitic fliers that deny the Holocaust were posted at a Massachusetts synagogue, with reports of similar incidents at synagogues in two other states.

Police are investigating what the Anti-Defamation League described as a coordinated campaign by a national online white supremacist group.

The fliers at Temple Emanu-El in Marblehead, a town of nearly 20,000 with a sizable Jewish population on the state’s North Shore, were discovered Monday morning by a teacher at its religious school, according to the Jewish Journal.

The printed posters, attributed to the Daily Stormer Book Club, refer to the Holocaust as “Fake News. The people that lied about soap and lampshades are lying about gas chambers and ovens.”

They were affixed to a “no parking” sign and the synagogue’s main entrance sign, the Jewish Journal reported..

The ADL’s Center on Extremism is aware of similar incidents at synagogues in Washington state and outside of Houston, Texas, according to Robert Trestan, ADL New England’s regional director.

A similar coordinated flier distribution was directed against churches in June and earlier this month, Trestan told JTA.

“What we are seeing is another campaign” by the white supremacist group,” he said. “They put out word to their local chapters to carry out the actions to inject hatred and racism into communities.

Temple Emanu-El’s rabbi, David Meyer, told the Jewish Journal: “Sadly, this is not an isolated or unique incident here in Marblehead or for the Jewish community – to be targeted for anti-Semitic hate literature messaging and Holocaust denial.”

Over the last several years, North Shore communities and schools have experienced anti-Semitic incidents, most recently when two Chabad rabbis were harassed with anti-Semitic slurs while walking on a main street on a Shabbat.

The list of news coverage just goes on and on…

What a great way to educate the public!

Stormer Book Club is the absolute best at this type of informational activism! Its members span the fruited plain, from sea to shining sea! SBC has a great group of young men who are committed to the precepts of American Nationalism, and it is their intention to restore America in the image of the people for whom our Founding Fathers built it  – White people!

If you’re a young White man of good character, who is at least 18 years of age or older, and you want to help with these gallant men in this noble cause, you should consider applying for membership in Stormer Book Club! For more information about SBC, please email

In the meantime, enjoy the gallery below!

Cleveland, OH

Colville, WA

Fairmont, WV

Lavonia, GA

Marblehead, MA

Salem, MA

Toccoa, GA

Baltimore, MD

LaCrosse, WI

Los Gatos, CA

Reno, NV

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