Stormer, Volume 54: Πολύ ενδιαφέρον — Ημερήσια Έφοδος

Daily Stormer
September 2, 2018

This marks the second week in a row that we announce a new localization for The Daily Stormer. Last week we were proud to announce our Italian localization, Il Daily Stormer. This week we are beaming with joy to announce a second localization: Ημερήσια Έφοδος, Daily Stormer in Greek, which marks a new chapter in yet another nation for the struggle of our people against the machinations of international Judaism.

Greece is a key asset in the coming war. Southern Europe is going to pop into happening mode first, and it is key for us to target the Mediterranean coast in this struggle. Η ιστοσελίδα που έχει δεχθεί την περισσότερη λογοκρισία is going to make a lot of waves in λαμπρή Ελλάδα!

With the announcement of this new localization, it’s time to let all of you in on the Daily Stormer mayhem roadmap, so you can know exactly what we have in store for the coming global meme war.

While we are aggressively expanding the languages that we support, we are building out a Wikileaks-style whistleblowing/leaking platform that will support every single language that we offer a publication in. The reality is that right now if you want to do whistleblowing against the leftist establishment, you have to have the cooperation of media platforms that are in bed with it. Even WikiLeaks has been subverted by childless single prostitutes in Germany now that the hero Assange has been locked away without recourse and refused Internet access. WikiLeaks cat ladies now perform an editorial function in deciding what from what they receive will be leaked– and they receive far more leaks than they publish.

If you need to expose government corruption in a way that hurts someone like Merkel, you right now only have the option of sending documents to her sympathizers.

In addition, there are no leaking platforms in existence that serve countries like Greece. If you have a Greek document that implicates the ruling establishment in crimes, you have to send it to an American reporter and hope they care enough about Greek politics to examine a language they don’t understand.

There’s market opportunities being unfilled here, and we are going to fill them by being the first right-wing news outlet that provides services to whistleblowers. Whistleblowing is more of use to the right than the left, as the vast majority of the information that gets censored by governments is now information about criminal activity committed by nonwhite invaders in Europe. Whistleblowing is an effective tool primarily against ruling elites, and we know who the current elites are and what exactly we want done to them. It is quite clear as time goes on that the last generation of whistleblowing platforms have been co-opted by the CIA and leftists, and it is time for some fresh blood in that particular niche.

Within a month we plan to announce a Portuguese site as the Mediterranean Blitzkrieg reaches completion. We will also be putting the finishing touches on our whistleblowing platform and hope that many of you that are in positions to prove the wrongdoing of governments and international corporate entities will give thought to helping assist us exposing them.

As a reminder to our readers: we are doing invaluable, unique work here (understaffed and on a budget so small you wouldn’t believe), and it requires your continued support. If any of this sounds valuable to to you, I ask that you check our contributions page and please send us money. We think what we’re accomplishing is important, and we are continually facing grave new threats to our operations. If you aren’t in this fight with your actions, you need to be in it with your wallet.

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