Stormers: It’s Time to Get a Job at the Census Bureau and Report Illegals to ICE!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 30, 2019

It’s time for all racist NEETs to get jobs at the US Census Bureau and use that position to find illegal immigrants and report them to ICE.

Whether they be neo-Nazis, White Supremacists, Alt-Righters, Scientific Racists, White Nationalists, KKK members, Eco-Fascists or backwoods hillbillies, all jobless racists must immediately apply for the US Census Bureau.


They will hire you.

Look at their hiring ad.

They will hire anyone. Even, apparently, white people.

Basically, you’re going to be going door to door and interviewing people. And you’re going to be allowed to ask people about their citizenship status. When they say they’re not citizens – or you get a strong feeling that they’re lying about being citizens – you simply call this number:


And give a tip-off to our good friends in ICE.

You can also remind these filthy spic roaches that lying on the census is a violation of federal law, Title 13, United States Code, Section 221. The census is a fundamental Constitutional requirement and interfering in the census with false statements is a federal offense that may put their immigration status in jeopardy.

Never will you find a more straightforward way to serve your country and the supreme white race than by getting a job at the US Census Bureau and using it to rat-out illegal Mexican infiltrators.

You also want to be aware that it will not only be Mexicans and “Latinos” that are illegal. Many other types of inferior subhumans come to America by plane and overstay their visas in order to leech off the glorious wealth of the White American Master Race. It could be Africans, Asians, Pakis – all types and sorts. You have to keep your ear to the ground and your eyes open as you go door to door weeding out the scum from the American bucket.

You may also run into illegal whites, perhaps from Russia. You will not want to call ICE on them, unless they are racially impure. In order to determine the purity of their race, you will need to bring a spectrometer. What you want to do is measure the distance between their nose bridge and the tip of their chin, and calculate the results.

You will not only be serving America and having a fun time at it, you will also get paid. I don’t know how much, but it is probably like, $15/hr.

If you’re a NEET because you’re really messed up and weird and worried that no one will hire you, do this:

Get a wig and say you’re a tranny and that no one will hire you because you’re a tranny. Then, they have to hire you.

If you’re a NEET because you feel you have a moral obligation not to feed the beast with productive work and tax dollars, I need you to understand that going door to door like the Schutzstaffel looking for Latinx rats to liferuin is a more important and fundamental obligation. You need to catalog every single one of these vermin for future extermination. Be sure not to miss the disgusting hookers that this invading army uses to breed, as well as their goblin-faced children. Those are the most important ones to report for deportation. This is your chance to turn the waking hours of DREAMers into a living nightmare.

There are offices opening up in every state in the union.

The time is now to apply and get ready to start sending this filth back to the savage realms from which it emerged!




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