Stranded ISIS Bus Convoy Still Has Not Been Bombed

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 4, 2017


This is probably the strangest story to come out of the Syrian war.


In a bizarre twist to an already unusual story, a convoy of 17 buses carrying Islamic State terrorists and their families has remained stranded since Thursday in the Syrian desert as the US, Russians, and Syrians discuss their fate: attack the convoy or allow it to pass? Regardless of what happens, emerging photos and video depicting ISIS’ retreat from Lebanon as well as their current helpless plight stuck in the middle of Syria constitutes perhaps the most significant blow to ISIS propaganda to date.

Why are they being allowed to sit there you might ask.

As first announced by Hezbollah’s Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah in a speech Monday night, the deal involved the transportation of 26 wounded and 308 ISIS fighters, along with 331 civilian family members via buses and ambulances to Syria’s eastern province. The controversial deal was struck in return for the bodies of 9 Lebanese soldiers, kidnapped by ISIS in 2014.

Now, far be it from me to question the most effective kike-resistance organization in recent history, Hezbollah, but this don’t make no sense.

ISIS isn’t a state actor, they’re a terrorist groups and therefore the rules of war do not apply to them in the same degree as they apply to enemy soldiers of a recognized state government. So why the hesitation to incinerate?

I suspect that the fault does not lie with Hezbollah, or Assad or the Russians, but with ZOG. Clearly this convoy is an attempt to funnel out ISIS fighters (and vaguely disguise them as refugees) and that the Axis of Resistance (to ZOG) is trying to delay their escape.

After turning around and heading back west from the Abul Kamal area, the convoy of 17 buses containing hundreds of armed ISIS fighters and their families remains in the Syrian Desert between Humayma and As Sukhnah.

…In accordance with the law of armed conflict, the Coalition has struck ISIS fighters and vehicles, including a tank, armed technical vehicles, and transport vehicles seeking to facilitate the movement of ISIS fighters to the border area of our Iraqi partners. Food and water have been provided to the convoy.

Where is Trump when you need him to drop another motherfucking MOAB? ‘

The ceasefire agreement immediately sparked controversy in the region, especially in Iraq, whose leaders see the deal as intentionally allowing more terrorists to settle at its own border. The US coalition was also quick to accuse the deal’s brokers as being soft on terrorism and said, “relocating terrorists from one place to another is not a lasting solution.”

But as we pointed out, the US and its allies have routinely allowed for ISIS retreats and transfers much larger in scale which appear purposefully designed to put pressure on the Syrian government. One of the more shocking admissions of such a strategy came in 2016, when then Secretary of State John Kerry was caught on audio telling a Syrian opposition gathering, which met on the sidelines of a U.N. General Assembly meeting, that Obama hoped to use ISIS as leverage against Assad.

Well there is the chance that the Axis of Resistance is trying to get these guys out of Lebanon and into Iraq…but that would make no sense. They would just go to Syria again once American troops re-armed and resupplied them.

When in doubt, ask yourself what benefits the Jews and you will understand American foreign policy. They are trying to save these guys so that they can fight another day against Assad, or better yet, just move to Europe and start Jihad there.

Here’s hoping that Assad doesn’t listen and drops a barrel bomb right on their rag-covered heads.