Striker’s Analysis: Auburn Jews Led Attack on Free Speech

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
April 19, 2017

Richard Spencer’s Auburn speech was the best he has ever given.

Full of vigor and vim, he outlined a compelling cosmovision linking man to world history, particularly in this age of discontent and alienation. This discourse is superior to giving a boring Ted Talk about black crime as local “vibrants” mug women right outside the window. This is an exciting development in his political praxis, realizing the importance of elevating the human spirit as a means to action. He deserves praise.

But some people are criticizing Richard Spencer’s speech for somewhat excusing the Jew in favor of Western suicide theory. I agree with these critics, in good faith.

Now, there could be a myriad of reasons for this, perhaps a protocol or contractual agreement, but sans that, the audience wasn’t too thrilled when he said white internal contradictions supersede the Jewish problem. While Anglo-Protestant societies do have a tendency towards witch hunts, hypocrisy and hyper conformity – the personality type common among the largely white and wealthy “Antifa” and professors – it is the flesh and blood engineers of social mores who forge the trajectory of this cultural inclination. That is, the books they read, the movies they see, the propaganda they are bombarded with on a daily basis.

In short, the Jews.

At Auburn, it was the minuscule Jewish population that led this attempted witch-burning. Campus Negroes and most of the whites would not even know or care enough to protest what some guy with a snazzy haircut coming to talk about Syria believes – not unless there are incentives, specific instruction, and a random Tuesday night party full of emotionally flustered girls in scant clothing (“AuburnUnites“). Anglo-Protestant societies traditionally cherish the market place of ideas as paramount – why hasn’t this trait been preserved if our racial decline is a question of innate collective psychology?

The Jews did not keep their promise to silence Spencer secret. The local Hillel – a racially segregated Jewish organization where Goyim are not welcome – alongside Richard Cohen’s Southern Poverty Law Center, were the original entities to spark the hysteria about Spencer and his message, building hype for the moral panic through all types of media in order to manufacture outrage.

Here is a prime example from Teen Vogue:

Needless to say, this has created a lot of concern among Auburn’s community, but they are choosing to respond with events of their own. Lecia Brooks, the outreach director for Southern Poverty Law Center, is working with campus groups to organize simultaneous events on the evening of the 18th. “It’ll be a town hall where they can engage in dialogue about all the issues that are going on, and administrators will come and hear their issues,” Brooks explained to BuzzFeed News. “What we’re counseling them is to take all the attention away from Richard Spencer and have their own counter-event.” Other students are planning a protest in response to Spencer’s appearance, reiterating the fact that free speech is not the same thing as hate speech. As Lily Buder, the president of Auburn Hillel, explained: “I’m fine with people’s differences in opinions. But it’s the fact that Richard Spencer thinks if you are non-white and non-Christian, you are less than him, and you don’t deserve the same rights and liberties that he does.” You, too, can protest Spencer’s hate speech and his visit to this particular college by donating to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

From there, they recruited a Negro student coordinator to gather up da homies, and suddenly on Friday of last week, Auburn administrators announced it was to cancel the lecture due to threats of violence from thugs.

The underlying issue of disagreement with the white suicide theory is the implication that the victim is the criminal. The reverse is necessarily implied, and the Jews delight in this.

“The victim as criminal” is a modern cultural staple with no foundation in the West. Yet, it is a defining theme of all Jewish autobiographies. The Jews murder, then make the target of their ire feel like they’re the guilty ones. Sound familiar?

That is not to say whites have no guilt. One of the “Auburn Unites” pointmen for the Hillel was a Gentile named Troy Beckham (note: do not interact with him), a bowtie wearing Libertarian and member of William F. Cuckley’s male neutering franchise known as “Young Americans For Liberty.”

When looking at it objectively, Spencer has an argument, but it should be rephrased.

Mr Beckham is the Romero zombie, the Jew is the mysterious illness reanimating the [brain] dead.  Nobody would waffle in telling the masses if they knew the exact nature and pathology of a pandemic disease. Hence, it is untenable to sidestep the Jew.