Striker’s Analysis: The Jews are Guilty

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
March 25, 2017

Jews get angry when we talk about them making bomb threats to themselves for political gain. That’s because they’re making bomb threats to themselves for political gain. Replace bomb threats with the variable of Swastika vandalism or tipped-over gravestones and the Jewish question is solved by the same Jewish equation every damn time!

With unbridled Chutzpah, Big Jude’s dreidel spinners are scrambling to find a way to blame us anyway. Some Jews on social media are suggesting that these are still acts of Trump-loving Neo-Nazi terror because (they speculate) the culprit is a “self-hating Jew,” which means he is a victim of anti-Semitism as well! Apparently, cultural and institutional anti-Semitism is very pervasive… in the perp’s country, Israel!

Makes perfect sense, especially if nobody is allowed to cross-examine you. The Daily Stormer was the only large publication with the courage and integrity to report the facts as we uncovered them, and world Jewry spent almost as much time covering us as irrational bigots that need to be dealt with as they did giving legs to their hoax. Every other news portal aggressively promulgated this nefarious and bigoted anti-white moral panic, driven by pure fear of retaliation from the Zionist Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center.

Can you see why every Jewish institution in the world is in lock-step – looking to take history books off shelves, cartoon frogs off social media, compel elites they buy to legislate against free speech, and drive dissenters out of the public square? Why billions of dollars are earmarked for the likes of Mark Potok, Richard Cohen, Jonathan Greenblatt and Oren Siegel, who put Christians, critics of Israel and patriots under siege and surveillance?

Is someone who coordinates to bribe judges, intimidate witnesses and make evidence disappear doing it because they’re innocent? The Jews are guilty.

The media coverage of what since January was touted in every newspaper from Nantucket to Jamaica as the story of the century has narrowed to a trickle within 24 hours of the arrest.

It has also been announced that the Israeli suspect in custody, Michael Kaydar, will not be extradited to the United States. The chances that Kaydar was operating on behalf of an operation run by Israeli intelligence services is extraordinarily high, and most of the “crimes” were committed against targets in the United States, but no Jewish groups are asking he come face justice in America.

USA Today:

U.S. investigators believe the suspect is responsible for the bulk of the threats against Jewish institutions in the past several months. Kaydar, who never lived in the U.S., is facing charges related to the threats in Israel and there are no immediate plans for his transfer to the U.S. for prosecution.

If this man wasn’t Jewish and lived in any other country, he would be on a plane coming over as we speak. Without an extradition and full investigation into Kaydar’s crimes by Jeff Sessions’ Department of Justice, we will never fully know what transpired here. The Trump administration must demand he be brought over!

Oren Siegel and the rest of the Judenrat openly asserted that the culprits of this hoax crime were journalists of the Daily Stormer, as weev wrote in his op-ed on Friday. Other Jewish publications are seeking to blame the sole platform for financial transactions political dissidents and muckraking journalists have available, Bitcoin, which once again reveals the political underpinnings of every Jew hate crime hoax.

With the wave of anti-Semitic bomb threats now proven to have been nothing more than a Zionist blood libel against white people, it is time to take a minute to pat ourselves on the back. Just like all the other “hate crimes” in “Trump’s America” that Jews have been deviously flooding the airwaves with have been found out to be manufactured by the “victims” themselves, this one will get added to the pile.

But now they dropped their 6-pointed star anchor on this lie and took out massive amounts of political capital on credit with it. For that reason, now is the time to counter-attack! Calling all activists and meme-men, don’t let Jews shoo this one away! Let’s flood social spaces with the truth in the same way they were flooding it with their lies.

It is in times like this that we must take a minute to fully appreciate the work the Daily Stormer and others in our movement are pioneering. Donate money, spread our message, participate constructively, do whatever is possible within your means to keep this ship sailing.

Eventually, with the truth as our sword, we’ll be able to close the book on these murderous and malevolent Jews once and for all.