Students Mass Resigning from TPUSA Groups Following Groyper Uprising

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 1, 2019


American Greatness:

All of the officers of the Kansas State University chapter of Turning Point USA announced on Thursday that they are stepping down from their positions because the purported conservative organization no longer reflects their conservative values.

In a statement, Jaden McNeil, the former president of the KSU chapter of TPUSA listed several reasons why he was quitting, including what he called the group’s “fair weather conservatism,” their refusal to promote social conservative values, their tone-deaf views on immigration, and the group’s “culture of censorship.”

McNeil wrote that he started the chapter at KSU himself in September of 2018 when he noticed that other conservative organizations on campus weren’t very effective at combating the left, but it wasn’t long before he started having misgivings about the group.

Specifically, McNeil was not impressed with the behavior of many TPUSA associates in the wake of the controversial incident last January in Washington DC involving the Covington Catholic High School boys and left-wing native American activist Nathan Phillips.

“Many TPUSA associates initially sided with the left-wing mob, condemning the innocent high school students for having the gall to smile in the face of an adult’s aggressive behavior,’ McNeil wrote. “These TPUSA associates only changed their tune when it became safe to take the side of the MAGA-supporting Catholic high school students. This incident encapsulates the fair-weather conservatism of TPUSA,” he added.

McNeil also cited a recent incident in which TPUSA national leaders ridiculed college conservatives for having traditional Christian views regarding homosexuality.

“I harbor no hatred toward homosexuals; however, as a conservative Christian, I do not believe that gay marriage and drag queens should be glorified,” McNeil wrote. He added that TPUSA tends to cede ground on cultural issues and focuses primarily on economics.

He went on the blast TPUSA’s “tone deaf” views on immigration, saying the group “favors the elites who care more about profits than hard working Americans.”

Finally, he blasted TPUSA’s “culture of censorship” where certain topics are considered  “off-limits and those who dare broach them are quickly blacklisted.”

I’ve been saying that people should join TPUSA and infiltrate it.

But quitting it out of disgust is good too.

Seriously, both are good ideas.

Our goal is to set it up so that we have control of campus conservative groups, instead of giving these donors control. And please do understand: TPUSA is not Charlie Kirk. It is a front group for all of these big money interests, including the Koch brothers and all of these big money Israeli Jews. The only reason Charlie Kirk was put at the head of it is that he had the family connection to Trump, which the big money people thought would get him access to Trump. And they seem to have been correct on that.

Our goal here is to get our own people controlling the campus conservative groups, rather than these big money shills. And it theoretically should not be that hard.

The basic situation is that most colleges have a campus conservatives or young Republicans group. And that group is most likely already getting funding from the school, along with a place to hold their meetings and events and so on and so forth. What TPUSA then does is come to those groups and say “we can set you up with everything you need, we’ve got the booths, we’ve got the fliers, we’ll bring you speakers – we’ve got everything.”

And for guys that are 19 or 20 and don’t really know what’s going on, that sounds good. They sign the paperwork, and basically turn over control of their group to these shills.

What we are trying to do is stop that from happening. Campus conservative groups do require voting to make these sorts of decisions. And we can get in there and stop them from voting for TPUSA control.

We can also get to the point where we can invite our own speakers – whether it is Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin or Nick Fuentes.

Or even Alex Jones for that matter. The sky is the limit once we have control of our own campus groups.

What the Groypers have done is shown that TPUSA are indeed fake conservatives. They are calling for mass immigration, they say America isn’t a real country but just “ideas,” they want anal sex with men, they attack Christians and they want all taxpayer money to be sent in crates to Israel.

People who sign up for a campus conservative group do not support this stuff. If they wanted all of that, they could join some leftist group. No one cares that TPUSA is for low taxes and replacing Americans with Indian IT workers instead of Mexican drywall technicians.

People join these groups for one of two reasons:

  1. They were raised in a Christian household, or
  2. They’re from the internet

(A third reason is that they’re Jews trying to control the group, but not every campus is going to have one of those. Some of them will and you have to watch out for them, because they will be pushing for TPUSA style stuff.)

It is not going to be hard to convince the average campus conservative that TPUSA is no good. If you are in a campus group, you can simply show these clips of Charlie Kirk attacking Christians and saying they’re secretly gay if they don’t support the gay agenda. You can show him saying America is not a country it’s just an idea and the only real country on earth is Israel. You can show him saying he wants millions of immigrants to flood America and replace us.

No one is going to agree to this.

Understand This Part

All of you college guys: you need to get in these groups and you need to do it now.

It’s great that some people are staging a protest and leaving TPUSA, because on their campuses, they’re probably going to successfully run off TPUSA. But if you are on a campus that still has a TPUSA group, then you need to join it and start bringing up these questions to other members. Show them all of the clips of Charlie supporting all of this anti-American stuff.

We are building a new generation of real nationalist youth who actually want to conserve something. And in order to make that happen, we need to have control of the campus groups.

This is happening.

Do not follow the false prophets who want to lead you to despair and doom by saying we can’t win. We can win. We can take over these college groups. We can force a Christian, America First agenda, and run out the shills.

Believe it.

Gamers are already rising up.