Studies Show: Trump’s Racist Rhetoric is Making Mexicans Even Fatter

Octavio Rivera
Daily Stormer
November 3, 2018

One reason why Diversity must be defended at all costs is that racism and other bigoted attitudes have unintended consequences that ripple through space and time, creating a kind of progressophobe butterfly effect that only brings the world further towards evil.


Nobody has found a solution to the overweight and obesity problem in Mexico, but there already exists an explanation about the psychological roots that made millions of Mexicans fat.

Psychotherapist Sandra Gussinye Canabal stated in a conference in Universidad Iberoamericana that in cities such as Monterrey, in the state of Nuevo Leon, where more violence is perceived, there’s more obesity because “we eat to calm that anxiety”.

She called “emotional hunger” the anxiety of eating to feel relief due to the incapacity to resist stress, such as living in an unsafe place.

But who spoke those mean words which made Mexicans unsafe?

Did you really think you could just call Mexicans drug-dealers and rapists, without causing them all to nervously eat themselves to death?

Words have consequences, bigot.

Americans don’t have any idea what living in Mexico feels like. The land there suffers a terrible curse that makes severed human heads and limbs appear on the streets out of nowhere, and makes kids play violent games that will eventually lead them to win violent prizes.

This is what you did when you voted for Trump.

Yes, you. You did this.

Trump closing the border to the Dreamer Hordes is an obesity sentence for Mexican people. Everyone knows that violence makes people hungry. If these poor dreamers marching towards the light they see at the end of the tunnel can’t reach it, they’ll be forced to turn back to darkness and become sadistic, ultraviolent murderers.

Then, their neighbors will get even fatter because of all the popcorn they eat while watching gore videos of cartel killings.

The Encuesta Nacional de Seguridad Pública Urbana (National Poll of Public Security) shows that 76% of the adult population considers living in their city unsafe.

While the Encuesta Nacional de Salud y Nutricion (National Poll of Health and Nutrition) shows that 72.5% of the population is obese.


I think not.

Mexicans enduring their land’s curse.

Why are we forcing Mexicans to live in Mexico, when they clearly don’t want that? That’s not only xenophobic, it’s xenorapist.

We all know that Donald Trump is a rapist.

But is he a xenomorph face-rapist?

Even with his eyes, he rapes me.

Why are you xenoraping all these obese Mexicans, Mr. President?

This is serious business. You’re making Mexicans overeat due to stress when they clearly don’t have food for that. This is making them die.

We must resist to save their lives!

You’re killing them by forcing them to eat their poo.


Landon Yahir died in the city of Saltillo, in the northern Mexican state of Coahuila, where he was reportedly made to eat his own faeces by his father Jacinto Alvarez and stepmother Olga Leticia Moreno.

The couple were arrested after Landon’s four-year-old younger half brother, Santiago, spoke out about his death.

But Alvarez and Leticia Moreno were not detained by police even though tests confirmed Landon had swallowed faeces.

Look at what your America-first-ism has done to this poor family.

Look at what it’s done to these poor kids.

These poor souls are pretty creative about satisfying their violence-induced hunger. That is something commendable.

If you think this is disgusting, you need to check your privilege. This is the same disgust you feel when you see obese mestizos. Natural disgust is racist and size-ist.

Don’t trust your instincts.

Trust this woman, instead.