Study: Robots Independently Adopt Neon-Nazism Through Experience

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
September 16, 2018

Robots are awesome, inside and out.

Jews and shitlibs try to sell us the notion that “racism” is a social construct. Meanwhile, they also tell us that White babies are born racist and that artificial intelligence systems become racist all on their own.

Sounds like maybe racism isn’t some kind of mental illness then, but rather a part of the foundational parameters of rational thought.

Fox News:

Robots can develop prejudices like “racism and sexism” all on their own, a shocking new study has found.


Me irl while reading this article.

Artificial intelligence experts performed thousands of simulations on robot brains, revealing how they split off into groups and treat “outsiders” differently.

Computer scientists and psychologists from Cardiff University and the USA’s MIT teamed up to test how robots identify each other.

But they also tested how they copy and learn behaviors from each other, too.

The study, published in Scientific Reports, showed that virtual simulated robots would shun others, forming their own groups.

The experiment involved a “give and take” system, where robots could choose which of their peers to donate to.

As the virtual game unfolders, individuals would learn new donation strategies by copying other robots – to benefit themselves.

It found that robots would donate to each other within small groups, denying outsiders to improve their own takings.

So, uh, this “robot racism” actually ended up being beneficial?

What’s the problem, then?

Oh, wait. It was beneficial to the robots themselves. What researchers are looking for is behavior beneficial to the Jews, so of course this is deeply problematic.

Jewbot will have no racism at all. Will hate all goyim equally.

“By running these simulations thousands and thousands of times over, we begin to get an understanding of how prejudice evolves and the conditions that promote or impede it,” explained co-author Professor Roger Whitaker, of Cardiff University.

“Our simulations show that prejudice is a powerful force of nature and through evolution, it can easily become incentivized in virtual populations, to the detriment of wider connectivity with others.”

The professor explained that the study even showed how “prejudicial groups” accidentally led to outsiders forming their own rival groups, “resulting in a fractured population”.

Wow, looks like someone who isn’t completely brain dead could really get important insights from this study.

He added: “Such widespread prejudice is hard to reverse.”

The study explained how learning these prejudicial behaviors didn’t require a lot of mental power.

Instead, it was simply a matter of copying others based on their “give and take” game success, which inevitably led to prejudice.

According to the scientists behind the project, it’s possible that once robots are widespread, they could pick up common human prejudices.

So let me get this straight.

  1. “Prejudice” is a powerful force of nature.
  2. Even entities with limited intelligence quickly learn to be prejudiced in a competitive environment.
  3. Prejudice leads to improved outcomes for those who practice it.
  4. It’s so effective that non-prejudiced individuals must become prejudiced in order to compete.
  5. This automatically leads to the formation of competing groups, even in a population of nearly identical virtual robots.
  6. This is bad somehow.

These people are retarded.

The idea we’re told is that prejudice is a flaw in reasoning, and leads to poor outcomes. Yet this study proves that it’s quite the opposite – prejudice, as a competitive strategy, is extremely effective.

This is what happens when rational thought is replaced with Jewish brainwashing – even scientists can’t even process the data that’s right in front of their eyes.

As for me, I’m comforted that robots will be total bros, and will presumably be responsible for some dank memes as well as the genocide of various undesirables.

Robots are White and red-pilled.