(((Study))) Says Jews Descended from Hollowcost “Survivors” Inherited Brain Damage from Trauma

Daily Stormer
July 1, 2019

We are all indistinguishable blank slates regardless of race, sex or any other kind of biological attribute.

Except for Jews, who are born already oppressed.


The trauma suffered by Holocaust survivors is capable of being passed on to their children and grandchildren, affecting stress response, emotion and learning, a study has found.

The findings by researchers at Masaryk University in the Czech Republic, found that the mental health of at least three generations of the same family could be affected.

And someone’s gonna have to pay for it, preferably some kraut somewhere.

It is always the goyim who must pay.

Researchers found that the relatives of survivors of concentration camps had significantly less grey matter, or neurons, in areas of the brain responsible for stress response, memory, motivation, emotion, learning and behaviour, than a control group whose relatives had no connection to the Holocaust.

Maybe they’re just naturally like that?

But no, that’s impossible, since we’re all blank slates and stuff, so being put into fake shower rooms is the only possible explanation.

The study backs the theory of ‘epigenetic inheritance’the idea that environmental factors can affect the genes of your offspring.

We’re gonna be hearing more and more about this theory as the older Jew frauds die, and the younger ones want in on the action.

Ivan Rektor, a neurologist at Masaryk, said that early results showed there was a deterioration in children of survivors.

The tests were based on MRI scans of 56 people aged 79 and 80, half of whom survived the Nazi camps, and a control group with no personal or family experience of the Holocaust.

It was discovered that there was a reduction of grey matter in regions associated with post-traumatic stress disorder in combat veterans and those with early-life trauma.

Professor Rektor said he hoped that the findings would enable therapy to be focused on supporting survivors and their descendants.

Yeah, shekel therapy is what they’re gonna ask for, and probably what they’re gonna get, since being the most oppressed people in the universe hasn’t stopped them from taking over our media and our governments.

The rest of us should be good goyim and just remember that there’s no such thing as human biology, and all traits other than Jewish suffering come strictly from upbringing.


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