Study Shows Dogs Mirror the Emotions of Their Owners, Just Like Women

Daily Stormer
June 7, 2019

Two dogs giving each other a pawshake.

You may already be aware that women share many similarities with dogs. Training one or the other is pretty much the same process, except that putting a collar and a leash on a woman is easier.

Now science says what anyone who interacted with dogs on a regular basis already knows: dogs mirror the emotional state of their owners.

Thing is, women do that too.

Daily Mail:

When dog owners go through a stressful period, they’re not alone in feeling the pressure — their dogs feel it too.

Dog owners experiencing long bouts of stress can transfer it to their dogs through their emotional bond, which appears to be strengthened by canine training.

Researchers measured the levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the hair of both dogs and their owners, and found that they changed shifted up and down in tandem.

Depression, excessive physical exercise and unemployment are just a few examples of stress that can influence the amount of cortisol found in your hair, said lead author Lina Roth.

Dr Roth thinks the owners are influencing the dogs rather than the other way around, because several human personality traits appear to affect canine cortisol levels, whereas the dog’s personality had no major effect on their long-term stress.

Engaging in arguments with women is like barking at your dog when he misbehaves.

Women are ruled by their emotions. They’re estrogen bombs that try to suck everything in when they go off.

If you lose your shit or engage them when that happens, you step into their world.

You step into Estrogen.

Don’t step into Estrogen. Stay on Testosterone.

What you can do to stop their barking is to pull them into your world. Pull them into Testosterone. Force your emotional state on them.

Tease them. Show them that they can’t ruin your mood. Mimic what they’re saying. Playfully mock them. Give them a look of amusement.

Don’t take them seriously.

After all, they’re just silly girls.

Most of the time that will be enough to disarm them.

But sometimes they’ll cry and that’s okay.

It’s a kind of weapon against men, this crying. They fundamentally understand that men are biologically evolved to want to protect women, because women have the eggs that produce the offspring, and they attempt to exploit that instinct with their tears.

Don’t ask her why she’s crying. Don’t ask what you can do to make her feel better.

Don’t say anything.

Turn your head away from her.

Stay cool.

Let her go away if she wants to go away.

Let her come to you.

She will then come back to reality – the reality you create for her – if you refuse to join hers.

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