“Subversive” Graffiti Artist Banksy Enriches Paris with Anti-Racist Murals

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
June 26, 2018

I’ve always disliked graffiti. The notion of heading into the streets at night and defacing public property for self-serving reasons always struck me as niggerish and anti-social. It also irritated me that graffiti artists often regard themselves as cool and rebellious, even though their political messages usually mirrored the government’s own on race, egalitarianism and cosmopolitanism.

Perhaps the most famous contemporary graffiti artist is Banksy. True to his ilk, Banksy – who remains anonymous to this day, and could even be a group of people – fashions himself as a “subversive” who specializes in “hard-hitting” murals. You know, the usual spiel about holding a mirror to society and forcing it to confront its prejudices.

What we’re really looking at when we strip away Banksy’s pretensions, however, are acts of vandalism that serve as visual companions to John Lennon’s Imagine.

Imagine there’s no boundaries, goyim. It’s easy if you try!

Well, after an extended period of quiet, Banksy has struck again. This month, our brave crusader against the Fourth Reich traveled to the brutal white supremacist stronghold of Paris, where he risked life imprisonment to promote shocking pro-immigration and anti-racist messages!

Needless to say, George Soros is furious!


Controversial street artist Banksy is believed to be responsible for a series of compelling murals which have popped up across Paris city centre this week.

Art experts believe the works are a criticism of negative attitudes toward migration.

Yes, because there’s nothing more controversial than being pro-migration.


Seven works attributed to the painter have been discovered in recent days, including one near a former centre for migrants at the French capital’s northern edge, according to the art website Artistik Rezo.

Nicolas Laugero Lasserre, the site’s editor, said contacts has informed him that Banksy was planning a trip to the capital.

The first work was found on June 20 – World Refugee Day – and depicts a child spray painting pink flock wallpaper over a black swastika.

There’s a World Refugee Day? When did that become a thing?

Who could possibly support such a ridicul-

The wallpaper stencil was used in a previous Banksy piece called ‘Go Flock Yourself’, which was shown at the 2009 Banksy versus Bristol Museum exposition.

“Go flock yourself” is a play on “go fuck yourself.”

That’s why it’s edgy.

It almost uses a word that causes children to go “ommmmmmmmmmm, you can’t say that.”

He said: ‘It’s an extraordinary chance to have Banksy in Paris. As always his interventions arrive at a key political moment, urging citizens and government to change the paradigm on the migration issue’.

Another image shows a man in a suit waving a bone in front of a dog’s nose, whilst holding a saw behind his back.

The anonymous Bristol-based artist is known for his satirical and subversive public artworks, which often comment on political and social news and trends.

Change what paradigm, exactly?

Banksy already agrees with the French government’s existing paradigm for Paris: to cram as many niggers, Moslems and nigger Moslems into its cobbled aisles, café-lined boulevards, apartment complexes and former opera houses as possible.

So what’s this even about?

A desire to accelerate the process, I guess.

There’s no way this obvious publicity stunt won’t backfire on the left. Promoting mass immigration into a city that’s arguably suffered more in that regard than any other European capital is pretty much the definition of pushing too far.

Banksy’s going to be in for a shock if he thinks the average Frenchman is going to twirl his moustache and declare “c’est magnifique!” at his latest pro-NWO sentiments.