Sultans of GTFO: Gypsy Parasites Driven Out of Belgian Town by Dire Straits Tune

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 28, 2014

Are you gyppos ready to rock????
Are you gyppos ready to rock????

Though we here at the Daily Stormer attempt to keep up on all the current happenings – particularly those which are either important or funny or both – we sometimes miss things. We missed this happening back in July of this year: gypsies, occupying a Belgian town, were driven out after the mayor hired a DJ to blast rock music at them.

Daily Mail:

The Roma had amassed 30 caravans at a site in Landen, a small town with a population of less than 15,000, around 30 miles east of Brussels, with no plans to leave.

But after a DJ played Dire Straits at a volume of 95 decibels – equivalent to the sound of a pneumatic drill from 50 feet away – they caved in and agreed to go.

The gypsies had initially agreed with a landowner to park 14 caravans at the site in Flemish Brabant province until Tuesday, according to Landen mayor Gino Debroux.

But since arriving on Sunday, they had reportedly amassed a further 16 vehicles.

‘Since then, they’ve said they won’t leave and they’re there with 30 caravans,’ Mr Debroux told Reuters via phone earlier this week.

‘This is an industrial site and is not designed for camping.’

Mr Debroux said the group’s refusal to leave had prompted him to hire a DJ to blast music at them from 9am yesterday.

‘This is a way of putting pressure on them. It was very difficult to negotiate with the gypsy king, as he called himself,’ he said. ‘It’s a non-violent method to ask them to come to an agreement.’

The DJ kicked off his set with Dire Straits’ ‘Sultans of Swing’, before continuing to play music at 95 decibels until shortly after midday, according to local media.

Belgian television showed Roma children dancing to the music.

It is always great to see people fighting back against the hordes, especially in Western European countries, where we have been so broken down that we feel it is impossible for us to stand up for ourselves.