Sunday Kookspiracy Round-Up: Kushner Backchannel Inferno

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 28, 2017

It’s Sunday again and it’s time for a round-up of the Sunday Kookspiracy Show!

Some semi-interesting stuff. Always remember you can watch these at high speed. Or you can just read my bullet points. We’re trying the bullet points this week for this now official Sunday afternoon round-up of Sunday morning Russian conspiracy interviews.

State of the Union

Little Lindsey

Dana Bash took on little Lindsey, who is especially mad at Comey this Sunday.

  • Good Trump giving arms to Saudi
  • Bad trump cutting AIDS money to Africa and war money to Ukraine
  • Kusher WaPo story sounds fake
  • Comey acted on fake emails from Russians before, lots of stuff is fake (doesn’t say why he believes CNN and not WaPo)
  • Wants to get information on Trump’s 08-09 business investments, thinks it could be Russian money (???)
  • Comey took over the Clinton investigation based on fake emails on purpose (Comey really under bus now)
  • Maybe the CNN report is fake tho?
  • Wants to see CNN’s reported fake Comey email
  • Bash keeps trying to return to Trump tax returns, Lindsey not that bothered, says it’s Muller’s job
  • Trump should continue to believe in global warming hoax

Rahm Emmanuel

Israeli Jew Emanuel also went on. This isn’t related to the Russian conspiracy. He is just saying he wants more illegal Mexicans in Chicago and doesn’t care that blacks are killing each other.

The only national political question he answered was about Hillary 2020, which he sort of seemed to endorse.

Cory Booker

Gonna be seeing more of this guy. He’s in Poland now. For… whatever reason.

  • Mad about global warming
  • Trump cozy with authoritarians
  • Maybe Kush should have security clearance revoked
  • Can’t save Obamacare because right-wing conspiracy
  • Not rushing to impeachment with Hillary
  • We have to stop Russian cyber attacks
  • We have to hunt down Americans working for Russia

Kushner Panel

Goofy panel on the alleged Kushner back channel conspiracy. Rick “The Mad House” Sanitarium defended the Jew plot.

Meet the Press

John Kelly

Kelly shilled for Kushner. No bombshells.

  • Jared is a great Jew
  • No issue with back channel
  • Communications are always good
  • Doesn’t know Jared’s clearance level (no one does)
  • Leaking UK classified information is treason or close to it (closest statement to a bombshell)

James Clapper

Clapper back to Clap the Press. No bombshells, just same-same.

  • Leaks bad, dunno if they’re treason
  • Leaks damage Israel
  • Concerned about Kusher’s relationship with Russia
  • Kushner may have more info
  • Kisliac is a “KGB” (Chuck Todd’s term) agent
  • Russian trolls spreading disinfo on social media is traditional Russian method
  • Russians are not friendly
  • Sanctions might not be enough for Russia – only a first step (doesn’t mention second step)

Bob Corker

Just came on and shilled for Kushner.

  • Kushner is an honest Jew
  • He’s an open Jew
  • Chuck Todd is troubled af – why u not troubled?
  • Gotta double-down on Russian sanctions because they hacked our election
  • Should let Tillerson handle BDSM-like punishment of Russia
  • We have to change situation in Syria (apparently pro-regime change)
  • Doesn’t know what Chuck Todd’s agenda is
  • Tax reform ftw

Face the Nation

James Mattis

Dickerson’s show this week was mostly an interview with Mattis.

Nothing really new or interesting here. Nothing kookspiracy related. He didn’t even talk about Russia in Syria.

  • Gonna go get ISIS (literal “get er dun”)
  • North Korea could be a big terrible problem
  • Blah blah blah

This Week

John Kelly

Same-same, just with more aggressive weirdo Raddatz. All communication is good communication, Kush dindu nuffin. He also said there’s no way to stop terrorist attacks like Manchester, lol.

Adam Schiff

Jew Schiff was less aggressive this week than I expected him to be, but just repeated all the same stuff he’s been saying this whole time (except during the five week period of silence after 4/6). He went surprisingly easy on his racial kinsman Kushner (and his racial kinsman Rosenstein).

  • Concerned about Kushner backchannel – big if true (says he doesn’t know the reports are true)
  • Russians helping Trump, hurting Clinton – they did that, it’s real, we know for sure
  • Everyone working for Trump has no credibility
  • Kushner may have been planning to change Russian policy as a thank you for election conspiracy
  • Russians are always trying to trick you
  • But why would Kushner backchannel be a Russian ruse?
  • Maybe Kush should have his security clearance pulled
  • Leaks are an issue
  • What did the Russians do and how did they do it and who was involved (he doesn’t know any of these things, by his own admission)
  • He is involved in a double-teaming of Trump with Muller he is excited about
  • He is basically totally running the committee now and Nunes should have no power

Fox News Sunday

John Kelly

He’s on all these shows because of Manchester. He said the same thing for the third time here.

That’s It

Hope you enjoyed today’s Kookspiracy.

Takeaway is: even Schiff doesn’t think the Kush backchannel is a big issue.

Meaning Trump should use it.

He should fire Kushner.

This is way, way, way worse than what Flynn did.

And I am 100% certain Kush is in communication with all of the conspirators trying to undermine Trump.

He can open an investigation into Kush over this attempt to establish a backchannel, then reveal all Kush’s connections to the conspiracy and walk away clean as daisies.

That said, he probably won’t do that.

He will probably just sit around and wait to be impeached.

So now the question is: can Hillary beat Pence in 2020?