Sunny in Philadelphia is the Only Neon-Nazi Approved Show

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 12, 2018

As many dedicated readers have long known, I have two shows that I watch semi-regularly, that’s it. 

They are:

Attack on Titan


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Sunny just had its 13th season debut.

I was watching the episode, and was chuckling at the fat Indian girl character – I forgot her name, I assume it was Priya or Patel –  when they started talking about the Alt-Right, and I was like, “shit, that was my old gig!”

I’m a friendly, neighborhood Neon-Nazi now, but I remember when I was younger and full of hate and an Alt-Righter… *shudder*. 

I, of course, disavow and repent and repudiate my old beliefs. I no longer believe in White Nationalism. Only White Neon-Nazism.

Moving on.

So, anyways. The first episode kind of sucked. Seems like they’re going to make the show political. Nothing funny happened until the very end until Frank started firing his gun again – which made me chuckle. And judging from the season 13 trailer…

They’re going to talk about pussy-grabbing, feminism, Trump and the Alt-Right.

This is a strange feeling.

I get the feeling that in my own little way, I’ve had an effect on one of the shows that I watch and by extension, the culture at large. This must be what Boomers feel about Woodstock. The Alt-Right thing was our generation’s Woodstock moment.

Soon, all shows and media will feel obliged to reference it as a huge event that happened. Some people are even going to brag about having been there…

And clearly, this proves that we’re cutting-edge here, lads. A hot-button topic as it were. So much so that a largely apolitical show has to casually reference us, as if everyone knows who they are referring to. This is cultural penetration, no?

And honestly, I tried to keep quiet about my love for IASIP, but the truth is that it is an implicitly White and Neon-Nazi show, that’s why I enjoy it.

Literally, everyone that I know who is a hardcore Neon-Nazi loves Sunny in Philadelphia. In fact, I have it on good authority that one of the people on the show is secretly a Stormer reader.

Think about it.

That’s why they never really allow minorities onto the show. That’s why they’re always encouraging White Supremacy by depicting an all-White group of friends. “The Gang” is really a skinhead, KKK, hate group. The blacks are all depicted as gangsters and thugs.

And they always throw out coded Alt-Right phrases and terms and flash hand symbols at the camera – you know the ones I’m talking about.

Frankly, I don’t know any liberal who watches IASIP. 

And if the show ever got canceled, I would organize a march of Neon-Nazis on FX headquarters and demand that the kikes who axed the show be impaled on spikes in front of the building… and the show reinstated.

In fact, I dare the network to cancel the show.

They will find out what happens when they mess with our show. The Neon-Nazi/formerly Alt-Right show. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Which we endorse. Jews on pikes. Banning the show. Tiki torch march. White Supremacist approved!