Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows: Kushner’s Palestine Plan is Just a Bunch of Buzzwords and Stock Photos

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 24, 2019

They can’t criticize your solutions if you don’t try to provide any.

Peace to Prosperity” may be the most strategically brilliant policy paper ever published. Who can be against water, schools and shrubs?


About two years ago, US president Donald Trump entrusted his son-in-law and White House advisor, Jared Kushner, with one of the world’s most pernicious problems: achieving peace in the Middle East.

Specifically, Kushner was tasked with formulating a plan to finally end land disputes between Israelis and Palestinians. Most observers assumed any deal would include Palestinian statehood and end Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories.

On June 22, Kushner—who previously worked in his family’s New York real estate development company—unveiled his proposal. Entitled “Peace to Prosperity,” it reads somewhat like a glossy brochure for a proposed building development—perhaps unsurprising given the backgrounds of Kushner and Trump.

As developers are wont to do, Kushner paints a rosy future. “Generations of Palestinians have lived under adversity and loss, but the next chapter can be defined by freedom and dignity,” the proposal states.

The plan is premised on three tenets: “Unleashing economic potential, empowering the Palestinian people, and enhancing Palestinian governance.” It’s replete with buzzwords, charts, and tables. It promises investments in private enterprise, education, health care, and government in the Gaza Strip and West Bank. It features images of happy Palestinians, with minimal mention of Israel and no discussion of the state of Palestine.

Shockingly, it contains no political solution to the problem Kushner was tasked with solving. It doesn’t address the famously difficult questions that have doomed other peace proposals, like the status of the city of Jerusalem or Palestinians’ right of return. There’s no talk of what might be done with Israeli settlements in occupied territories, nor any discussion of borders at all. What it offers is a carrot and a warning:

If implemented, Peace to Prosperity will empower the Palestinian people to build the society that they have aspired to establish for generations. With the support of the international community, this vision is within reach. Ultimately, however, the power to unlock it lies in the hands of the Palestinian people. Only through peace can the Palestinians achieve prosperity.

The White House says that a political solution outlining that peace will eventually be proposed. But for now, there is just this colorful and optimistic roadmap to Palestinian prosperity.

As I wrote when Kushner first started making statements about his plan, he appears to be describing “Greater Israel.”

The actual current plan for the expansion of the Jewish state is not really to kick all the Arabs out. The Jews just want full cultural and social dominance of the region, in the same way as they have full cultural and social dominance of some other regions on earth.

Zionists who believe in this policy have more or less stated that this can be accomplished by simply pumping the brakes a bit on the terror they inflict on the region’s native population, rather than providing them with any kind of political freedom.

The liberal media are not wrong when they say this reads like a brochure. It is only a few hundred words, accompanied by stock photographs of smiling Arabs doing things like drinking clean water and going to school.

And you know… trimming shrubs.

It certainly looks a lot better than what they’ve got now.

The plan continually refers to itself as “this vision.”

For those who don’t have the seven minutes it takes to read it, here are some examples of phrases and sentences used in the document:

  • A vision to empower the Palestinian people to build a prosperous and vibrant Palestinian society
  • The ability to fundamentally transform the West Bank and Gaza and to open a new chapter in Palestinian history
  • This vision is within reach
  • Essential infrastructure is needed for the Palestinian people and their businesses to flourish
  • This vision will boost the economies of Egypt, Israel, Jordan, and Lebanon and reduce trade barriers across the region
  • This part of the vision will support the Palestinian people through education, workforce development, and an improved quality of life
  • By supporting apprenticeships, career counseling, and job placement services, this vision will help ensure Palestinian youth are fully prepared to enter the job market and achieve their professional goals
  • This vision establishes a path that, in partnership with the Palestinian public sector, will enable prosperity

The plan is accompanied by a 40-page PDF file – mostly stock photos and graphs – that relies heavily on the word “unleashing.”

They have no idea how good things are going to be when the unleashing begins.

It’s almost incomprehensible that this was actually released by the White House. If you didn’t know anything about Jared Kushner’s IQ problem and vapid nature, you’d think it was designed to simply mock the Palestinians and anyone who reads it.

But understand: there are ideas behind this apparently retarded nonsense.

There are Jews – including the Kushner Jews – who simply want to bypass the entire discussion about politics and move on to “yeah but if you just stop resisting and let us rule over you, we’ll stop starving you, bombing you and shooting your kids.”

I don’t know how exactly a “deal” is made out of this.

I guess they sign something that says they will arrest political activists and stop accepting aid from Iran in order to receive schools and shrubs and so on? 

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