Super-Comfy French Revolt Spreads to the Cities; Going Strong in the Streets!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 24, 2018

I’ve always liked the fiery French.

I was surprised when they elected that shill Sarkozy and then the toad-man bureaucrat Holland, followed by Micron.

But then, with what, like 20% of the population now from North Africa, it should not have come as a surprise to me.

That being said, the French have some fight in them left. Shit is intense. 

Earlier in the day, things were more orderly:

The sign on the left says, “we won’t go into the night without a fight”. 

But then the police was sent in. It was probably because the protesters got close to the presidential palace.

Now it looks dystopian AF.

Swirling gas and people in gas masks milling around, throwing back canisters at the police, burning stuff…

Yeah, its a real revolt out there, folks.

And it’s overwhelmingly white. 

Which means that these aren’t city-folk. These really are rural Frenchmen. Modern-day French Freikorps.

And they clearly have a disdain for over-priced French haut-culture restaurant chains like Paul’s.

Anyone who has eaten at Paul’s has felt a similar desire to burn it down, so can’t dock any points from them there.

If you’ve got a lazy Saturday and Sunday planned, I can think of nothing better than watching the Paris live stream on (with low volume), while playing some ambient tracks of your choosing.

Put your feet up and enjoy.

Watching live-streamed riots occurring somewhere or other in the Post-First World is the new form of entertainment for millions of Millennials and Zoomers.

It is a far superior form of entertainment to watching degeneracy on the Boomerbox.

Especially because while you’re waiting for the next episode, you’re also praying that it comes to a city near you so that you can experience it all for yourself!