Support Andrew Anglin in the White People Tournament

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
July 25, 2017

The Root is a tacky blog where blacks pretend to think for themselves. They like to LARP as woke bruthas fighting the white man, but in the end, they’re humble cotton pickin’ coons who first have to get permission from Fusion Media’s Jew Chief Content Officer Daniel Eilemberg.

(As a side note, if you’re wondering why The Onion and Clickhole have become unfunny gliberal sites lately, it’s (((Eilemberg))) and (((Isaac Lee))) took them over in 2016 to use against Trump. They are both agents of the Jew Haim Saban – the Israeli Democratic donor who runs Univision.)

As for the “Wypipo Tournament,” Andrew Anglin is crushing it so far. He’s up against Roger Stone and looks like he might face off with Jeff Sessions in the final 8.

The Root:

Roger Stone is the sleeper of the tournament. Having already downed two powerhouses in Steve Bannon and Paul LePage, Stone has beaten two of the largest-headed motherfuckers in the tournament. But just because he’s not a household name, don’t sleep on Stone. He helped get three of the most terrible people in history elected: Donald Trump, Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon.

This is going to be a tough matchup for Andrew Anglin, but he can handle it. After all, just this year alone, Anglin started a terror campaign against a black sorority, raised $150,000 to hide from a Jewish woman who’s suing him for siccing neo-Nazis on her, and he spent an average of 18 hours a day on his site the Daily Stormer, which is probably the third-most-visited site for white supremacists behind Fox News and Donald Trump’s Twitter page.

You can vote here.

What’s funny is how far “White Allies” have gotten. They’ve made it as far as Anglin. They may lose out to the Republican party, but blacks in the comments section are claiming that would be due to white leftist interlopers voting.

Guess what? If you’re a non-Jewish white who goes out to support Black Lives Matter and whites become a minority, you’re going to get chopped up with machetes just like us Fascists and Nazis. You better hope we win.

More humorous is the white cucks in the comments trying to reason with these blacks. This one is a (((fellow white))) so he may not be the same as a Minnesota or Portland white liberal.

A lot of wealthy and sheltered white people (especially women) hear blacks complaining and take it at face value. But if you’ve ever waited on blacks at a restaurant, or delivered a pizza to a black household, you’ll quickly decipher why they do this: they want you to feed them for free.

On top of this, blacks know most white liberals are just patronizing them, and some even know Jews are using them. Most blacks would rather drink a few beers with me making jokes about fags and Jews than be even within 100 feet of the average speech-policing white SJW (unless it’s to rob or rape them – good riddance).

Anglin’s friendship with the people of Nigeria is proof of this.

When they see a white thot in an “Animal Liberation Front” t-shirt talking about how she’s going to free them from their cages, they get naturally get offended!

To all you white liberals/white leftists: blacks see you as no different than me and Andrew Anglin, most likely even worse. They know you’re just virtue signaling when you choose to live in the most exclusive, trendy and artsy 99% white neighborhoods while claiming to be for their civil rights.

All these hipsters who think they’re on the “right side of history” are doing is guaranteeing a gruesome death, no matter which side of the political spectrum ends up on top.

Vote Anglin!


notice how much attention from unlikely sources all the people that got put on that ADL hitlist are getting since it was published?

Just a cohencidence.