Greta Thunberg’s Virulent Child Crusade Continues as Global Retard Storm Rises

Daily Stormer
November 30, 2019

Greta’s Crusade against whatever she’s crusading against – white people, I guess – continues across the globe, unabated, as staged events are staged across the globe, where children all hopped-up on fear and confusion are told to believe that the world is going to end and they’re going to die in 12 years.

Obviously, adults are organizing these protests. They are being paid by all of these globalist institutions to do so. They are going to schools and scaring children, then giving them signs and sending them out in front of the cameras.

They are all little Gretas.

And this is actually a brilliant way to force popular support for an agenda. Tell children “you have to do this or you will die, plus you get to take the day off school.”

It’s well-played.

Daily Mail:

Thousands of people around the world are taking part in the latest round of climate demonstration, urging political leaders to come up with urgent solutions at a United Nations conference next week.

Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, who sparked the global movement, had been due to join a student strike in Lisbon, but her environmentally friendly voyage across the Atlantic from New York by sailboat was hit by high winds, delaying her by a few days.

She sent a message of support to protesters, saying ‘Everyone’s needed. Everyone’s welcome. Join us.’

Friday’s School Strike for Climate is taking place in 2,300 cities in 153 countries around the world, according to estimates by the climate campaign group Friday For Future.

The faces these people make though.

But what about Africa, the dirtiest shithole of all?

Well, they get special treatment. Just like they do in every other situation.

In South Africa, a few dozen people holdings signs saying ‘Not Cool’ and ‘Stop Pollution Now’ protested outside the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in the summer heat of the Southern Hemisphere.

One protester lay on the ground faking death, holding a sign saying ‘Black Friday Reason to Grieve.’

Africa contributes least to climate change and is the least prepared to deal with it. Temperatures in parts of the continent are projected to rise more quickly than the global average.

‘The reality is that we have a climate change emergency,’ protest organizer Elana Azrai said. She noted water shortages in parts of the country amid a drought in southern Africa.

Elsewhere, officials have raised the alarm over unusually severe rainfall in East Africa and a pair of cyclones that ripped into Mozambique within weeks of each other early this year.

Scores of young Nigerians marched in downtown Lagos displaying messages such as ‘There is no planet B’ and ‘Stop Denying the Earth is Dying’ as passing vehicles slowed and honked in support.

Saying that Africa contributes the least to climate change is an irrelevant and misleading statement, because Greta Thunberg herself has stated that her goal isn’t for everyone to reduce their carbon footprint – but for whites to do it so the rest of the world can “catch up” to us.

If the world is ending in 12 years, how can we take such a lax stance to the huge amounts of pollution – including “carbon pollution” – coming out of the third world?

China is by far the biggest emitter of this alleged “warming gas,” but we’re just supposed to ignore them completely?

I mean, you’d have to be retarded to think this makes sense.