Sweden Begins Its First Ever Grenade Amnesty

Daily Stormer
October 16, 2018

This will solve everything.

I just know it will.

I mean – when was the last time the Swedish government let anyone down?

The Local:

Between today and early next year, anyone in possession of hand grenades or illegal pyrotechnical equipment can hand them over to police without risking punishment.

Sweden’s first-ever amnesty period for illegal explosives got under way on Monday and is set to last until January 11th 2019. The hope is that criminals will choose to give up some of the hand grenades that are in circulation and get the weapons off the country’s streets.

I can’t imagine a scenario where this fails.

Relying on criminals to do the right thing always pays off.

The move was proposed by the centre-left coalition government last year, with Justice Minister Morgan Johansson telling DN: “This is linked to criminal gangs who in general have increased access to weapons which they use against one another and against the judicial system. We must get these off our streets.”

According to police figures, 43 hand grenades were seized in Sweden last year, of which 21 had been detonated. In 2016, 55 were seized, of which 35 had detonated.


So it’s been working since before it even started!

Take that, naysayers!

Unlike during Sweden’s weapons amnesty earlier this year, it is not permitted to bring unwanted explosives to police stations. People are instead urged to call 114 14, the non-emergency police contact number, to report the weapons.

Around 12,000 illegal firearms were handed over to police between February 1st and April 30th during that amnesty period. However most were old hunting rifles and only a few could be linked to the criminal world.

So it didn’t work with guns, did it?

Well it’ll work with grenades, I’m sure of it!

After all – a grenade isn’t a gun, it’s a thing that goes boom.

So this can’t not work.

Although, to be honest, I do see one flaw with this plan – nowhere does it say anything about increasing diversity, which should be the main focus whatever you do, since it always leads to success and makes us stronger.

Thankfully, there are people in Sweden who understand this and are working hard to implement it.