Sweden: Biggest Music Festival Permanently Canceled Because of Diversity

Daily Stormer
June 23, 2018

This is gonna be a difficult transformation, but you have to break a few music festivals to make a diversity omelet if you want Sweden to survive.


The organisers of Sweden’s largest music festival have announced that the event will come to a close after cancelling this year’s festival following a wave of sex attacks last year.

Organisers FKP Scorpio announced that there are no plans to put on another Bråvalla festival again this after speculation that the festival may occur in 2019 despite being cancelled this year, Norrköpings Tidningarreports.

And I bet 99% of all the people who wished it were still happening still support everything that made it not happen anymore in the first place.

Kajsa Apelqvist, who heads public relations for the organisation, said: “It’s a very disappointing decision to take, but the overall picture we have is that we can not develop the festival in the way we want to be relevant to our visitors in the future.”

That’s a very convoluted way of saying “niggers and Arabs keep coming and fingering girls and we can’t stop them.”

When asked about the wave of sex attacks at the festival, which resulted in the festival being cancelled this year, Apelqvist said: “We have always claimed that it is not a festival problem but a social problem. How we ensure our visitors’ safety is something we are constantly developing, and that’s something we’ll never finish.”

A social problem that, for some reason, never existed before feminism and before the consequences of feminism, like the mass invasion of your country by monkeypeople.

“I believe we have contributed to people talking, standing up and reporting criminal offences committed. It’s good that people show that they do not take shit. That’s what we are proud of,” Apelqvist added.

You haven’t “proved” anything you worthless twat.

This is a problem caused entirely by whores like you being sad about these apes living in the conditions they create every place they infest.

And then when these apes you felt bad for because it’s sad their poor came after you, you ran away…

The only thing you could ever be proud of in your life is if you stuck a knife in your throat and spared the rest of us from the pain of your worthless existence.

Last year, the festival saw at least 11 sex attacks, three of which led to arrests; the year before, nearly 40 young girls complained of being sexually harassed or abused by men often described as “foreign”.

One victim, 17-year-old Alexandra Larsson, described her attackers saying: “They were probably immigrants. I hate to say it. But it is the truth.”

You “hate to say it” because you’re a dumb whore who’s still hoping to do some signalling even as everything around you falls apart.

In a sane society, you would be treated strictly as a chunk of meat used for reproduction, and nothing else.


As a result of the sex attacks at Bråvalla and other music festivals in Sweden, feminist Emma Knyckare announced last year that she would plan a festival in which men were not allowed to attend to prevent sexual abuse and harassment. So far no such festival has taken place.

My guess is they tried to do it, but realized all the technical stuff and the heavy lifting was too hard.

If you’re a woman reading this, read what’s coming next very carefully.

Almost every woman you are not related to hates you and wants you dead, and almost every man you know would fight to the death to protect you from an attack of any nature.

This is not stuff I’m just making up, it’s basic biology – to a man, you’re a resource, while to another woman, you’re just a competitor.

That’s why the more feminist a country is, the more likely women are to get raped, and the less likely the rapists are to suffer any consequences.

You’ve never heard a feminist talk about this, and you never will

In the end, it will be the dumb whores who fell for feminism that will suffer the most from the kike subversion of our countries.

And can anyone really claim they don’t deserve it?