Sweden Calls in Reserves to Prepare for War with Russia

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 8, 2018

Sweden is turning its back on hundreds of years of neutrality and picking a fight with a country that historically they haven’t fared so well against.

Perhaps there is some resentment at play here? Has the Swede always harbored in his heart a simmering desire for revenge after Poltava?


For the first time since the height of Cold War, Sweden has called its entire Home Guard force – 22,000 reservists – for snap exercises. The drills were supposed to bolster country’s “defensive and operational capabilities.”

Sweden mobilized all 40 Home Guard battalions in an unprecedented exercise that has not been held since 1975. The drills marked the National Day of Sweden, celebrated on June 6.

“Our mission is to strengthen Sweden’s military defense and improve our operational capabilities,” Sweden’s Supreme Commander Micael Byden said in a statement. “We are testing the chain of mobilization for around half our organization, something we have not done since 1975.”

Some more interesting details. Not sure what to make of them:

While participation in the drills was voluntary, the military expressed hopes that at least a half of the reservists would respond to the call. The nominal strength of the Home Guard is 22,000 people. The commander of the force, General Major Roland Ekenberg, said he felt great “respect for the people who voluntarily choose to participate in this exercise.”

Apart from the Home Guard, another Cold War era relic was dusted off in May, when the country issued a reprint of a brochure, dubbed ‘If Crisis or War Comes.’ The 2018 issue of the booklet contains advice on how to take shelter, what foods to stock, how to manage water reserves and, most importantly, how to tell propaganda from trustworthy information. The booklet is designed to prepare the populace for all sorts of crises, ranging from terrorist attacks to all-out war. It was the first time since 1991 that Swedish authorities distributed such a brochure to the citizens.

Last September, Sweden held massive Aurora 17 war games with the participation of foreign troops predominantly from NATO countries. Sweden is not a member of NATO and sees itself as a “neutral” country. The drills became the largest military exercise held on Swedish soil in over 20 years. 

This is rather pointless on Sweden’s part. There are more people living in the city of St. Petersburg than there are Swedes left living in Sweden.

Bringing up the National Guard won’t do much if there’s a legit invasion of Russian marines.

Furthermore, if Russia was really interested in destabilizing Sweden, they would just send some Muslim leaders from Chechnya to Sweden as refugees and have them start mobilizing the Moslems in Sweden to overthrow the government lol jk.


Since these were volunteers who showed up to take part in those drills, I have to assume that we’re talking about the remnants of the civic nationalist, neocon-equivalent Swedish Right.

It looks like an older crowd. Boomer nationalism confirmed.


The people in the pictures look White and we know that SWPL urbanites will never serve in the Army, even if fights for the cause of International GloboHomo.

Racial nationalists can’t be too represented I would imagine…but idk I could be wrong here.

Many Swedish nationalists that I’ve met while traveling among nationalist circles are quite open about their disdain for Russians, either for their history with Communism or because they believe “Nords” are racially superior. This is unfortunate. Many volunteered in Ukraine during Maidan to put Poroshenko into power. Some volunteer on the Eastern Front.

This isn’t a moral indictment.

A lot of people are drawn to conflict zones for money, adventure and ideological reasons. So whatever, there were nationalists on both sides of that conflict.


You have a general idea in nationalist movements that Russia is somehow obligated to help nationalists in Europe. That is definitely a thing.

The question is: why would Russia – the only real great power left in the world at least slightly resistant to ZOG – help countries like Sweden? Forget ideology for a second and lets talk RealPolitik here. Why help someone who hates you and goes out of his way to do you harm?

Just because they’re blond like you?

If there was a group of people in the country that were pro-you and needed your help, and had a reasonable shot at taking power, and were making great strides in that direction…then maybe.

It seems like some countries in Europe like Italy and Austria have right-wing populists who are willing to reach out and work with Russia.

The only problem is that the further East you go, the more likely the nationalists will be anti-Russian.

Funny meme aside, I think that Sweden and Germany are not in the blue camp. They can swing either way going forward.

So you basically have Russia in a bit of a pickle. Supporting nationalists in the West makes sense, but in the East, not so much.

Meanwhile, America does the opposite. They support Moslems and Jews everywhere, but also nationalists on the border with Russia and help clamp down on nationalists in the West.

Sweden needs to decide where it falls on this divide. 

I don’t even believe the whole Kremlin-bot narrative to be quite honest. I don’t think the Russians are building these nationalist movements in the West like the liberals allege. That being said, if push ever came to shove, no real opposition to the establishment has historically ever really held on for long without foreign support.

So it might be wise to not antagonize the only real power that might have an interest in the near future helping you separate from America’s death grip on your country.

Because when hell breaks lose, Azov sure as shit isn’t going to travel to Swedistan and help Swedes restore order in their country.

Just a thought.