Sweden Democrats Now the Country’s Largest Party

Daily Stormer
August 21, 2015


It’s about bloody time, mate.

Foreign Policy:

Sweden’s anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats are now the country’s largest party.

According to a poll carried out by YouGov, the Sweden Democrats, a party with its roots in the country’s neo-Nazi movement, now has the support of 25.2 percent of Swedes. Two other parties that spent the 20th and 21st centuries basically trading power with one another — the Moderates and the Social Democrats — took home 21.0 percent and 23.4 percent, respectively. The Social Democrats currently hold power in a minority coalition government.

Looks like you might surprise us all, guys.

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  1. Open swedishness for one. And they kick Out any nationalists they can find im there Great purge

  2. Stockholms falangens ledare jacobsson ville bussa vita barn till rinkeby och Tensta plus att hon själv är rasblandare

  3. Sweden Democrats are filthy neo-cuckservatives that will do about as much about immigration as the GOP has. Read about their Jew #2 Kent Ekeroth, who signed a declaration with the Israeli government promising to use whatever political power Sweden Democrats get to advance the interests of world Jewry:


  4. I don’t get why Anglo-sphere white nationalists correctly bash the GOP as cuckservatives, yet support their Swedish equivalents (actually, Sweden Dems are to the left of the Republican party, LOL) . Stay consistent.

    Only group worth following in Sweden is the Swedish Resistance Movement, which is growing as well.

  5. CelticNationalist

    Hmm, I’m not so convinced that they’ll convert the minds of so many ZOG-infected Swedes… but who knows what they’re capable of. I wish them the best in protecting what’s left of Swedish heritage and identity.

  6. Oy vey cattle whatever is kosher is not healthy, so don’t get fired up.

    • How many of the few Jews in Sweden are against Immigration? That would be my first question to these cucks.

      • A minority of them pretend to be civic nationalists, but only because they want Sweden to engage in America-style foreign policy of wars in Israel. The Sweden Democrats signed the Jerusalem Declaration when they last visited Israel, which states clearly that they will use their political power to send Swedes to die for Israel.

  7. I am from Sweden. SD is a party that denies the existiance of ethnic Swedes, wants to force buss-muslims into ethnic Swedes areas and wants forced assimilation.

    The situation in Sweden just became alittle worse, atleast the multiculti parties allowed the immigrants to live in their own areas, with SDs assimilation we must all live togheter and interbreed until we form a new identity.

    • AmericanIntellectual

      When Sweden Democrats were founded in 1988, they had the slogan “Keep Sweden Swedish” as an official one in their posters and party program.

      • So in 27 years they did absolutely nothing for Sweden… Like ALL “nationalist” parties everywhere.
        Wake up, the entire system is jewed. There is one hope and one hope only – rebellions and a total change of the system, abolition of the monetary system, democracy, etc.

        • AmericanIntellectual

          Initially in 1988 they were rather small, they had no money, they were not famous as they are now, the Swedish society knew little or almost nothing about them. And the conditions for a while were not ripe for their rise. For nationalist party or any party to get into power, the right conditions must be present. A crisis creates opportunity for change of power. NSDAP was not built overnight. It took years for Hitler and his party to organize, grow and become recognized and famous across Germany. NSDAP and Hitler always participated in parliamentary elections. NSDAP participated in democracy and came to power legally and democratically. They did not launch an illegal armed coup. They did not murder German policemen. They negotiated with the German President Hindenburg about peaceful transfer of power.

        • You don’t even look white. Mixed blood Turk mongrel from the Balkans?

          • Being white-european has nothing to do with shades of skin color. The closest relatives (I2 haplogroup – the only one born in Europe) of my people (Romanian) are the Bosnians and the Swedish (because of the goth migration). DNA has nothing to do with skin or hair color. European civilization is related to the SPIRITUAL values of europeans, not their shade of “white”.
            But anyway, here’s me when i was a kid. Now stop following me around, nigger-spirit…
            https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/086fe438967c743f94a08ad413a53054f311a7604dec45e470f32d45e376cf05.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3206a718302d4dec1895e8999002e75045adaf879bc9f1c1cccf76392138435d.jpg

          • You`re one of us ,brother. 1488 DAS REICH

          • You do appear to be a white European from these photos. Maybe it’s just the lighting in your profile picture, you look very brown in it.
            And you’re wrong. DNA does influence the melanin levels and thus skin color.

            Also, “European” people who have Turkish ancestors are obviously not whites, and these people tend to have darker skin color than pure Europeans. So uh yeah it does matter what skin color one has, in terms of what race they appear to belong to.

            Are you claiming that all those dark and hairy people in Greece with both European ancestry and Turkish ancestry are white people? Of course they aren’t, they’re mixed race, and certainly have no place in Europe.

          • The only dangers to Europe from a genetic point of view are the gypsies and the non-european immigration. The tiny percent of mixed-race people will be absorbed by the majority in the following centuries, as it happened many times before.
            P.S. The original greeks were brown people from the middle East (see Cyprus people to get an idea) and settled uppon the original inhabitants of Greece – the Thracians, and later mixed with the slavic migrators as well. They are not necessarily of turkish descent.

          • Yes, agreed.

          • Take it easy on Greeks friend, this is the Southern European birthplace of classical thinking, philosophy, art and architecture which was appropriated by Rome and dispersed into greater Europe. If it wasn’t for the contribution of darker hairy Greeks, the rest of Europe would not enjoy the high civilization they do now.

            I myself am a mixture of Slavonian, Greek, Italian, British and Irish genes and am on the more olive side with dark hair and eyes and I tan brown like a Greek. Southern Europeans do not have to have Turk genes to appear Mediterranean.

            If your genetics are mostly from Europe and have a White European frame of mind, we need you on the Pro-White side. If you want to start genetically nitpicking trace amounts of this or that your going to whittle our large numbers down to a dismal number.

            Even Hitler worked with some Arabs, Jews and Niggers to achieve his goals.

          • I never said anything negative towards the Greeks. The mongrels with Turkish blood that make up a large percentage of the current population in Greece are not Greeks. I respect the actual Greek people and all other Mediterranean Europeans.

          • Turks are mongoloids. If people in the Balkans were significantly mixed with racially Turkic people, they would have slanty eyes like Turks in Central Asians do. But they don’t, do they, retard?

          • AmericanIntellectual

            Many Turks do not look very Mongoloid. Some Turks can be good-looking with blonde or brown hair. Modern Turks are a complex ethnic mixture of original Mongoloid Turks, Slavic and Greek converts to Islam, Circassians, Albanians, Kurds, Persians and some Arabs. Ottoman Royal Family was especially mixed. There was an Ottoman Sultan Mahmud II in the early XIX century, he was the son of Ottoman Emperor Abdul Hamid I and the kidnapped French woman Aimée du Buc de Rivéry. Prior to 1830, Ottoman Turks launched raids and pirate attacks across the Mediterranean Sea. Millions of European women, children and men were kidnapped and sold into forced labor in the Anatolian countryside or into harems from the 16th century to the early 19th century. Ottoman Turks were big on slavery of all kinds.

      • Today it is “There is no swedes, mix or go to prison.”

      • Indeed.. But they got hijacted by fagott and jews… They are the least of all evils but they are siononists. Good thing is that they normalize real nationalistmovements.

    • Good luck with the fight for your blonde race. The rest of us haven’t decided what we are going to do about the Arab third world and mongrelised country that will be left over if the insanity continues unabated in Sweden. It is sad that a genocide is being conducted in modern Europe.

      My advice is when the situation goes critical Swedes should start emigrating to Iceland, Greenland and Ireland as they are majority White for now and we all need to consolidate. This may not be as far fetched a solution as you think.

      No offense intended, we’re all just concerned about Sweden, that’s all.


    • Jimmie Åkesson had retired from public for a long time. I think he was brainwashed.

      • He was never any good, there are good people in SD however, thought Jimmie and his crew works hard at finding them and expelling them, even working with far-leftist groups to cleanse their party of “the far right.”

  8. Oh wow, another jewish-led “nationalist” hope for europeans. What a surprise :

    You’re safe europeans, someone is fighting for you – Putin, Orban, Marie le Pen, Trump, BNP, swedish democrats, look how many jew-puppets are fighting for you. You can keep trolling now, no need to rebel. Someone else is gonna fight for you to stop the jew – the jew-puppets!

    Whew, for a second there i thought i was gonna have to actually get up my ass and do something…

    • You are kind of right, this is however much much better than no nationalist party. Sweden Democrats are aiming on reducing the asylum approvals by 90% to start with. Still, there is a bit to go, but perhaps more swedes become aware. Know that the communist indoctrination comes with birth. It is quite difficult to get rid of its chains.

      Unfortunately the true nationalist party, “Swedes Party”, does not exist anymore. Perhaps more swedes some to realize that it is not that terrible being called racist so that Swedes Party can rise again.

    • AmericanIntellectual

      You Sir are not pragmatic and realistic. Like many nationalists or racialists you are way too demanding and idealistic. Sweden Democrats are the largest nationalist party that has existed in Sweden in recent decades. They have tens of thousands of members. They have expanded their electorate, their amount of campaign money, number of parliament members, now the Swedish population is aware of them. They are becoming famous and popular. No other Swedish nationalist party has been able to achieve as much as Mr. Jimmie Akesson managed to do. Swedish public knows Swedish Democrats and loves them more and more. One must remember, that in order to launch a coup even, you need money, you need popularity, you need a large number of party members. And a huge percentage of the public must side with you if you launch a coup. If you belong to an publicly unrecognizable small party on the margins of society, your coup will fail, because the military or police would not side with you and the public won’t recognize you. Even to launch a coup, you need a substantial critical mass of public support for your party. It is better to have this large Sweden Democrats political party, than to have no substantial nationalist party at all. Because Sweden Democrats are the only big player in town in Swedish politics. In order for the your ethnic group to support your party, you must first enter the political system lawfully and earn the people’s respect and admiration.

      • Yes, you will no doubt find endless comment like yours praising and rationalising parties that denies the existence of ethnic Swedes until every last Swede is gone.

        This sort of comments are comment among people who vote for SD.. They believe that SD will suddently become more extreme once they get power.. Or they believe SD is “smart” and will slowly unfold their policy that will save Swedes.. Basically these people either trying to trick people into voting for an anti-Swede party, or they are mentally ill.

        • AmericanIntellectual

          The entire Swedish political system is for multiculturalism and mass immigration. They all to some extent deny existence of ethnic Swedes. Sweden Democrats are the only far-right nationalist party in Sweden. Many people would still vote for them, simply because … “out of all they are least bad” principle. Some people vote for them because “they are the lesser of all evils”. I read that from some Swedes on facebook. Either way, good options are few. Faced with a choice of evil politicians, find the one least bad. Also Sweden Democrats have good PR now and many young people admire them for some reason.

          • Least bad is irrelevant, all that denies the existance of a Swedish people are unacceptable, and if you also combine it with force assimilation, you are really at the bottom.

          • AmericanIntellectual

            Other choices in the elections for parliament are worse.

          • Not really, SD is the only party that wants assimilation.

          • Do you know what Sweden Democrats means by “assimilating” non-whites AmericanIntellectual? It means that they want to force race-mix them into Swedish schools and neighborhoods. That’s exactly what the Jews did in America during the 1960’s, and is exactly what HUD is planning to do to whites much to the average man’s ire. Why are you supporting this?

          • AmericanIntellectual

            Sweden Democrats used to have the slogan “Keep Sweden Swedish”. I not supporting this. However, if you bring in Sweden Democrats into parliament and into the government, it would destabilize the Swedish establishment. I know some young Swedes, they would vote for Sweden Democrats either way, because voting for Sweden Democrats is a cool protest vote of sticking it to the establishment. Choices of Swedish people are limited anyway, so Sweden Democrats are out of all least bad.

      • You didn’t read this, it was in my comment :

        Parties, politics, modern democracy = a JEWISH INVENTION. The only things that can save Sweden are their fists.

        • AmericanIntellectual

          Parties, politics and modern democracy is mostly a British and French invention. Ideas of parliamentary democracy, individual freedom, constitutional government, checks and balances, popular sovereignty, secularism- all came from the Enlightenment Philosophy of the 18th and 19th centuries. John Locke, Montesquieu, Voltaire, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, John Stuart Mill were all either British or French. And by the way, the term Nationalism was invented by a German Enlightenment philosopher Johann Gottfried Herder. There was no such word as nationalism before the Enlightenment period of the 18th century.

          • It was the jews of Amsterdam who brought “democracy” to Britain and turned the king into a puppet, it was the jews who started the french revolution, WW1, etc to end monarchies and implement “democracies”.
            Does you name end in “stein”, “berg”, “ich”, “sky”, etc ? I’m just curious.

          • AmericanIntellectual

            You don’t have to be a Jew to support some ideas of Classical Liberalism of the 19th century. Most Classical Liberal philosophers of the Enlightenment were not Jews. The institution of parliament existed in Britain since the Magna Carta. The King of Britain since 1714 was German, from the House of Hannover. Many British nobles, merchants and businessmen favored idea of parliamentary government, checks and balances in order to safeguard individual liberties from possible oppression. Most European countries prior to WWI were constitutional monarchies. The German Reich prior to First World War was also an advanced constitutional monarchy with a democratically elected parliament. German people since 1867 could elect members of the Reichstag, which would approve all budgets and laws and provide a check on possible government mismanagement or despotism. Germans had rights and freedoms guaranteed in their constitution since time of Otto von Bismarck. There is a logic behind idea of an elected parliament, in theory it provides a link between the rulers and the governed. Parliament enforces the social contract, checks and balances the executive power, parliament is a demonstration of popular sovereignty and theoretically provides consent of the people ruled to the rulers.

          • all the secret societies that started the american revolution, the french revolution, WW1, etc were founded and led by jews. Churchill wasn’t jewish either, but he worked for jews like Bernard Baruch.
            Virtually all economists today say that the monetary system we have in place is the best and most advanced ever. It is in fact a jewish scam. Just like democracy …
            Stop deceiving people.

          • AmericanIntellectual

            French Revolution actually started out due to an internal financial crisis of the French monarchy and it’s inability to fix the financial and economic problems that France faced. King Louis XVI had failed to carry out the necessary tax reforms to balance the budget. French state was on verge of bankruptcy in 1789. There was a split inside the French aristocratic and business elites. Inside the Royal Family there was a split as well. The key secret society that initiated the French Revolution was the Grand Orient of France Masonic Lodge. Who was the Grand Master of this Masonic Lodge in 1789? Duke Louis Philippe Josephe of Orleans, the cousin of the King himself and one of the wealthiest men in all of Europe. The Orleans Branch of the French Bourbon Royal Family was wealthy and famous across Europe. They married into almost all European Royal and Aristocratic Families. Yet it is amazing that this part of the French Royal Family and part of the French nobility actively supported that revolution in the beginning. Louis Philippe, Duke of Orleans, believed that by launching a revolution and destabilizing a weakened King Louis XVI, he himself would replace his weaker cousin and become King of France in a new constitutional monarchy. Louis Philippe Duke of Orleans wanted to exploit the crisis for personal power. Louis Philippe did not want radical revolution, he wanted a coup to weaken his cousin and he himself wanted to initiate a series of progressive reforms to gain trust and popularity of the French people. However, Louis Philippe Josephe de Bourbon-Orleans miscalculated and was later brutally killed in 1793 by very revolutionaries which he funded and helped create. Even in secret societies, there were very wealthy white gentiles, who wanted to use revolutions to achieve personal political goals.

      • Second in command of the fucking Sweden Democrats is a Jew who openly states he doesn’t even consider himself Swedish. That isn’t lack of pragmatism, that is switching one kike for another one. And if you know anything about Jews, you’ll know that no Jew will ever help whites anywhere. Is it being rigid and “idealistic” to ask that SWEDES run SWEDEN?

        Just like the Danish People’s Party in the early 2000’s, Sweden Democrats will do NOTHING about immigration. It’s a lie to spring themselves to power and control the opposition. If the Swedes are lucky they might get drafted to fight some new bogus Iraq-style war, like the DPP did to Danes by joining George Bush’s “coalition of the willing”.

    • AmericanIntellectual

      Whenever a state coup was launched in the past, that coup always had the support of a part of the existing political establishment or the support of a part of the military and/or the police. The population by itself never launched a coup in past times. Almost always a group of officers in the military or a group of parliament members or government ministers initiated the coup, the people acted as a supporting force. A group of random citizens never launched a coup.

    • Coups will not go down this way in the digital age. They will be leaderless Flash Revolutions, where people will ask themselves, “Is this Sunday the Sunday of the revolution? Do I have a role? Have I chosen a role? Do I have what it takes to carry it out?”

      Drive your car on the air force base tarmacs. Put cars on train tracks to slow tanks. Park on highways to shut them down. Very simple. Gum up counter measures.

      The agenda must be simple: ban Jews and their immediate allies; revert to regional states.

      Breaking the federal government into regional states would allow people more power and eliminate the notion of a mass dictatorship. Anything more should be left to the new governments. The theme should be FearLESS.

      As long as people ask these questions, no one can predict the future or stop it.

      With a simple action agenda, it will be results oriented. No ideological disputes can break out.

      As long as it is leaderless, no specific leader(s) can be arrested, and it can’t be suppressed.

      People will communicate with each other about their willingness to participate and people will sense when they are ready or not. Then, something will trigger the event, while the generals have their pants own by their ankles, over the weekend. Definitely, commandeering the radio stations across America is a must. That can be done locally.

      A flash revolution will involves millions of people. It will be like the Berlin Wall coming down. There has to be millions involved to show the desire for change has arrived and those who reject change are minorities.

      If you’re a man, you should know how to shave, shoot, and do a coup d’etat.


      • right… so you’re saying “let’s troll the internet until the rest are awakened”. The problem with that is that by that time people of european descent will be in an absolute minority. If you’ve watched the latest trends in the jewish media they’re basically dying to start a race war, they can smell victory they’re close to having an orgasm… When you’re in a minority you can troll the internet and awaken others all you want, it will be too late. The point of no return is just a few years away, you don’t have time to do what you’re saying. Either the few people that are aware of the situation do something right now, or everything is lost.

        • No one trusts any leaders. There are no leaders for a coup. You can’t even get people on the internet to join a public organization.

          Don’t put words in my mouth either.

          • you don’t need “the people” to join. State coups are always done by a handful of people. You just need to gather the few patriots that are out there. The number of people that will read this article this week for example, would be enough…

          • A state coup comes from inside the government.

            Name one coup that succeeded with your method? A bunch of nobodies with no names can’t succeed in a coup. The nation won’t accept a bunch of nobodies. The public is still Jew-servile.

            Maybe in a little country with 1000 people in the military it would work.

          • “Name one coup that succeeded with your method?” – non-problem.

            “The nation won’t accept a bunch of nobodies.” – they always do. The masses just follow whoever is in power. During the french revolution for example 99.99% of french people stayed at home minding their own business and followed the new leadership just like they followed the previous one.

      • Another way to measure support for a coup is to have a campaign where the candidate calls for a coup. If that candidate does well in the polls, that signals to the military what the real public wants.

      • We will require a leader.
        Such a movement has never succeeded without a charismatic focal point. The movement you describe would only have a spotty irritating effect on the populace, ” why are all these damn Nazis holding up traffic again?” Etc.
        There will have to, as always, be a man (or men) of destiny.

        Once he or they have been summoned by God, a following will form, then the masses will toe the line and worship the popular as they always do.

  9. Victory after victory! its like a miracle from God! SIEG HEIL! GOTT MIT UNS! 14/88

  10. Is Nordfront.se still in existence? I can not access it.

  11. The times, they are a-changin’ … The immigration implosion is on the way!

  12. There may be hope for Sweden yet.

  13. Hipster nazis with pink flower back drops… you can’t make this shit up. lol

    • Actually the flower is blue an yellow as the Swedish flag. Probably there are some colored lights that make the flower appear pinkish.

      • AmericanIntellectual

        Sweden Democrats are rising like no other nationalist party before them. They are achieving a legitimization of Swedish nationalism in the political system. Regardless of their flaws, they have something like 25% or 20% of support in some Swedish constituencies and cities. The number of party members is also rapidly growing. Their rating in opinion polls is consistently rising every single month. I know some Swedish students at my college in USA and they are just obsessed with Jimmie Akesson and Sweden Democrats. He is like a hero to them. They see him as this modern cool nationalist, who will shake up the state and save Sweden. Like this party or not, but Sweden Democrats have achieved much. They built a massive political party with strong chances of winning power.

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