Sweden Elections: 17.7% Maybe Don’t Want to be Completely Genocided

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 10, 2018

So 17.7% of Swedes are like “I’m not so sure I want to be genocided…”

The rest appear to be like “yeah, just go ahead and do it.”


The Social Democrats achieved their worst result in a century, while the Sweden Democrats will have their biggest-ever faction in parliament following Sunday’s election, according to results, with 99 percent of the votes tallied.

The center-left Social Democrats are in first place with 28.4 percent – 3 less than in 2014, the center-right Moderates follow them in second place with 19.8 – down 4 – and the anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats are close behind with 17.6 percent. The party first made the Riksdag in 2010, and has boosted its vote by 5 percent in the last four years.

I actually expected SD to do better.

Foolish me.

Thinking Swedes give a fuck.

Remember: whatever the media says with their “far right neo-nazi” gibberish, this is a Laura Loomer-tier party. They are absolutely not calling for mass deportations, even while 20ish% of the Swedish population has already been replaced with nigger filth. They are just saying “we need to slow down.”

They love Jews, have Jews, are mostly Jewish. Their symbol is a faggoty flower.

And still, less than 1 of every 5 Swedes supports this.

The rest hear the rebel yell and want more, more, more (niggers) to rape their daughters.

The main other party is now calling on that fat fuck whatsisname to resign tho.

Merced Sun-Star:

The leader of the party that was poised to place second in Sweden’s general election says he has secured a mandate to form a new government and the sitting prime minister should resign.

Ulf Kristersson, the head of the Moderates, told supporters on Sunday night that a four-party opposition alliance in parliament “is clearly the largest and the government should resign.”

It doesn’t really matter anyway, because all parties are going to align against SD and make sure they don’t have a part in the government.

And no: this is not an indictment of cucks like SD and proof that you need a revolutionary party: there was a revolutionary party running – Nordic Resistance Movement – and I don’t know how many votes they got, but it was less than 1%. Apparently.

This is proof of the South Africa Effect: that the more displaced modern white people get, the more docile they become. And it is proof that globally, most whites have accepted the fact that they will be genocided.

There is this one gigantic guy tho who doesn’t agree.

The only way we are going to get through any of this is behind Donald J. Trump.

Or, through nuclear war.

At this point, I don’t really care which.

I love my Swedish brothers, and I know they will keep fighting and I will keep supporting them. But the reality is, something is going to have to happen in America for anything to change.