Swedes Finally Taking a Passive-Aggressive Stance Against Jews, Edit Jew ID Card to Give Hooked Nose

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 12, 2019

The term “passive-aggressive” is often misused. People claim that behaviors which are simply low on the aggression scale, but which are nonetheless aggressive, are “passive-aggressive.” In fact, passive-aggression is a very specific phenomenon, wherein someone engages in behavior that is not typically classified as aggressive for purposes of communicating aggression.

For example, refusing to answer questions by pretending you don’t understand them is passive-aggressive. Or failing to properly complete a task on purpose and acting like it was an accident, or the result of inability. A passive-aggressive person, if ordered to do something at work he thinks is unfair, may do the job with undue slowness, and claim he is working as fast as he can, rather than confronting the boss and saying that he thinks the request is unfair.

Passive-aggressiveness is always marked by plausible deniability that any form of aggression has taken place, leaving the individual who was aggressed upon to feel frustrated due to an inability to confirm that aggression took place. (Conversely, there are also people who interpret a lack of ability as a form of passive-aggression, even when it is simply that the individual doesn’t know the answer to a question or cannot complete a task quicker, or whatever.)

The passive-aggressive person can get the victim of the passive-aggression to react aggressively, and make it so others believe they are the one with the problem.

Women will often use passive-aggressive behavior patterns to end a relationship and make it look to others as though it was the man’s fault. Because men will typically respond aggressively to passive-aggressive behavior.

Passive-aggressiveness is generally a terrible behavior pattern, unfitting of any man. Men should speak directly, act with confidence in their convictions, and take personal responsibility for everything they do.

However, you can’t rightly just call a Jew a “hook-nosed kike” in Western society. So perhaps, resorting to passive-aggressiveness when dealing with the Jews is acceptable.

Daily Mail:

A Jewish woman in Sweden has claimed that her ID card and passport were ‘doctored’ to give her a racist caricature of a hooked nose.

Annika Hernroth-Rothstein says the image of her face was altered at a police station, leaving her feeling ‘small and humiliated’.

Staff must have known she was Jewish because she was wearing a Star of David, provided employment papers from an Israeli newspaper and has ‘two very Jewish names’, she claimed.

Swedish police say they are taking the claim ‘seriously’, but have suggested that the image could have been distorted by shadows or ‘bad resolution’.

Others suggested it might be ‘unfortunate lighting’, but Ms Hernroth-Rothstein said she had filed an official complaint with police.

The hooked nose has been a racist stereotype of Jewish people for centuries.

“Racist” seems like a bit of a stretch. It’s definitely a stereotype, however. And many/most Jews have plastic surgery to remove the hook (or otherwise unfortunate shape) of their noses.

This ID printer could have been possessed with the spirit of truth, and simply printed what Annika looked like before her surgery.

‘I felt scared and kinda dirty when seeing it, but accepted the ID, went home and put it in a box never to be used,’ she said.

‘I showed it to a non-Jewish friend and he got so upset and sickened that I ended up posting it,’ she explained on Saturday.

‘I do wish I would have reacted there and then but I didn’t feel very tough at that moment and just went home with it, and put it away.

‘Sometimes it takes someone else seeing something and reacting to it for you to understand that your feelings and reactions are valid.’

She also took aim at Twitter users who doubted her story, saying Jews were ‘scared to say something’ because of the likely backlash.

I don’t think Jews have experienced a “backlash” since about 1945, but certainly, people could view you as an ungrateful whiner.

After all, it was only a trick of lighting, or a printing error, or something.

You’re just whiny and Jewish.