Sweden: Four Coloreds Arrested for Kidnapping, Beating and Robbing Swedish Student

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
November 17, 2019

Poor lad.

Imagine getting subjected to nine hours of quintessential vibrancy like this.

Nyheteridag (Translation):

The student would only leave the subway home when a car stopped next to him and three people jumped out. During knife threats he was forced into the car and a nine-hour long nightmare began. He was subjected to death threats and repeated beatings by the kidnappers who wanted money. In Eskilstuna, he was released by police, and now four people are being charged with the brutal robbery.

A police officer in Eskilstuna was called to a residential area on the morning of August 10 after residents responded to some people in a car acting strangely. When the caller was able to enter the registration number, it was discovered that the car was reported stolen a few days earlier.

When police arrived at the scene, three people fled on foot while two remained in the car, and when police appealed to the young man sitting in the back seat he began to cry uncontrollably and hyperventilate. He was finally free.

Since he was kidnapped at four in the morning – on his way home alone after a tavern night with some friends – he had been subjected to repeated beatings and received several severe blows to his face, been scratched with a knife and had a rope tied around one wrist so that it felt like the hand would be blown up. The perpetrators talked several times about killing him, about cutting up his stomach and about shooting him. He had been sitting in a fetal position with a hood over his face and did not know where he was.

I thought we were on our way out to the woods or something like that when you… In that context, like, they hear things like that, I think, I think at the time I should be murdered, he says in interrogation.

The purpose of the kidnappers was to get money. He was forced to enter his codes and the perpetrators logged into his bank to transfer money but failed. Instead, the victim was forced to withdraw SEK 15,000 from an ATM, and when they arrived in Eskilstuna in the morning, they took him to various bank offices to get him to withdraw an additional SEK 50,000, but as the perpetrators neglected his ID card. In short, no money could be taken.

The incident severely affected him, and he says he was paranoid afterwards. The anxiety left its mark.

Now four people, three men in their 20s and a 16-year-old, are charged with human trafficking. The penalty is at least four years in prison, but the prosecutor believes the penalty should be more severe than that.