Sweden: Gang of Colorfuls Attack, Hospitalize Police Officer

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
October 10, 2018

Yet another Diversity Enforcement Officer beaten up by his prized Moslem pets.

I wonder if he apologized to them after every punch he received?

The Local:

A police officer was assaulted by a gang in central southern Sweden on Wednesday evening after a patrol was called out to deal with a fight.

The injured officer had to stay in hospital overnight after being hit several times on the face and upper body.

“From what I understand, the injuries aren’t too serious,” Ulf Andersson from the town’s police station told TT, but he was unable to give any further details about the officer’s condition.

Police were called to a transport centre in central Skövde at around 8.45 pm on Wednesday after receiving reports of a group of young people behaving disruptively.

“We sent officers there and the first patrol that arrived was met with resistance, above all from two members of the group. It ended with one of the officers being assaulted and it’s being treated as violence against a public servant,” said Morten Gunneng, the inspector on duty.

The second patrol which arrived at the scene was also attacked by the gang, and the unrest was only stopped when further officers arrived.