Sweden’s Anti-Greta: Girl Bullied by Classmates and Teachers for Not Joining Retarded Climate Strike

Daily Stormer
May 24, 2019

Fun fact: Most kids are morons who will just mindlessly parrot what they’re told.

Trust me, I used to be one.


A high-school pupil who refused to attend a so-called “school strike for climate” has been bullied not only by her classmates, but the teacher as well, the magazine Det Goda Samhället reported.

When the girl’s classmates decided to join the “climate strike” spearheaded by teenage activist-turned-superstar Greta Thunberg, “Sanna” declared she didn’t want to attend and was given a tongue-lashing from the teacher.

“The teacher said ‘Sanna’ was uncommitted and failed to understand the seriousness of the climate threat. She asked her to reconsider her decision, and she said it openly, for the entire class to hear. ‘Sanna’ felt like the teacher was trying to ridicule her in front of the others”, “Lena”, the girl’s mother, told Det Goda Samhället.

Another fun fact: The vast majority of women are basically children no matter what their age, and you should never take anything they say seriously or give them any kind of authority over anyone other than their own children.

Because of the teacher’s actions, the rest of the class also turned against “Sanna”, who ended up being boycotted by her own friends and accused of being a “climate denier”, “Lena” recalled.

While I’m sure at least some of them were pissed off because they had an opportunity to skip school and thought she was endangering that, most of them probably did it because they’re brainwashed morons.

Children aren’t known for things like critical thinking or logic or common sense…

The older you are, the less likely you are to snort condoms

…which is why people move to the right the older they get.

“People who lived longer than me and have more life experience than me don’t think the things I do, they must be complete fucking retards.”

Also, teenagers like liberalism because it appears more sexually open. Or it used to. Not so much now. Gotten really puritanical.

When the mother called the school’s administration, she herself was questioned by the female principal.

“She said it was sad that ‘Sanna’ went against the rest of the class and refused to participate in something this positive. I could read between the lines that she thought I had a wrong attitude myself”, “Lena” explained.

The mother called the situation a “mass psychosis” and said it was “very unpleasant”.

And yet, the mother still sends her daughter there for some reason, instead of just homeschooling her.

I’ve never been to Sweden and I hope I never end up there, but from what I’ve read and from what Swedes have told me, the percentage of propaganda in what you “learn” in schools is so high, kids there would be better educated by just staying home and reading random Wikipedia articles for an hour or two every day.

According to her, “Sanna” now refuses to go to school, she is worried and afraid of what may happen.

Greta Thunberg is a Swedish climate activist who rose to international fame for her weekly “school strikes” held outside of the Swedish parliament. As her movement rose to prominence, hundreds of thousands of students in over a hundred countries across the globe have followed her example.

For her relentless activism and penchant for doomsday rhetoric, Thunberg received a lot of traction, having met with EU officials, top-ranking businessmen and even the Pope, and was decorated with a lot of prizes and awards. In March 2019, she was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Norwegian MPs. In May 2019, at the age of 16, she starred on the cover of the Time magazine. In her home country, she was appointed the woman of the year by two of the country’s largest newspapers, Expressen and Aftonbladet.

Sounds like a real rebel…

Did I mention she has Asperger’s?

Funny how you need all these protests for something that literally the entire media, political, economical and academic establishments fanatically support.

Good thing I’m older than 20, so I can look deeper into the issue, wonder whether there’s another (((agenda))) at work here, listen to arguments that oppose it, think critically about it and then come to a conclusion.

Will ya look at that?

If Greta Thunberg had half a brain, she’d be more worried about getting gang-raped by Somalis.

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