Sweden: Government Wants to Ban All Religious Schools – Except Jew Ones

Daily Stormer
June 7, 2019

It would be pure, unadulterated, 100% hatred to treat Jews as if they were some common, filthy goyim.

Good thing the Swedish government knows better.


Swedish Education Minister Anna Ekström has suggested that religious schools are “bad for society” and that stopping them was essential for integration.

The Swedish government intends to stop the future establishment of private charter schools, as a means of indicating that it is a secular state.

As a result of a consensus between the ruling left-of-the-centre red-green coalition and its junior support parties, the Centre and the Liberals, an investigation on the confessional elements in the educational system is now in progress. The assignment of special investigator Lars Arrhenius is to submit proposals for a total stop to the establishment of new primary and secondary schools which have a religious undertone.

I’m assuming the main reason for this is to try to stop Moslems from hating Jews, rather than an attack on Christianity, since the latter doesn’t really exist in Sweden anymore.

Phase one is destroying Christianity. Phase two is figuring out how to use Islam to wipe out white people without making Jews too uncomfortable.

“In recent years, we have seen examples of schools that, in the name of religion, separate girls and boys, barely teach about sex or cohabitation, and equate evolution with religious creationism myths. This is totally unacceptable. Now the government is taking the first steps towards stopping new religious schools,” Social Democrat Education Minister Anna Ekström said in a statement.

According to her, the possibility of starting new charter schools with a confessional orientation may ultimately be removed. Existing religious schools shall remain, but may have to revise their regulations.

Ah yes, the other reason – teaching children about buttsex and trannyism and every other sexual perversion known to man.

Because that’s an important part of values and principles.

In an interview with the Christian newspaper Dagen, Ekström suggested that religious charter schools were “bad for society” and that stopping them was a matter of integration.

However, there may be one notable exception. Jewish schools are to be exempted from the ban, fellow Social Democrat Civilian Minister Ardalan Shekarabi assured following the criticism from the Jewish Central Council.

“There are special rules for the minorities we have in Sweden. The Jewish minority is protected in that legislation and this means that they will be able to maintain their structure with special training,” Shekarabi was quoted as saying by Aftonbladet daily.

If I were a Swedish normie reading this, I’d be very alarmed at the anti-Semitic thoughts going through my head right now.

And notice how, at no point do any of these politicians feel the need to even make some coherent excuse for why this tiny minority – supposedly the most oppressed one in the universe – gets this kind of special treatment.

Jews like to claim that they’ve been persecuted for absolutely no reason throughout Europe’s history, which is mostly bullshit, but the reality is that they’ve usually been a privileged caste who worked as a cohesive group to parasite off the host nation, almost always in some kind of symbiotic relationship with the traitorous elites of the countries they were infecting.

This was true in England, it was true in Poland, it was true in Germany, it was true in Russia, and it’s never been truer in almost all White countries today.

And thanks to their control of the media, the vast majority of people see absolutely no problem with this right now.

But they will, and soon, since reality itself is gonna force them to.

And possibly the one good thing about Jews being so powerful throughout the Western world today is that this time, there won’t be any place left with goyim who don’t know.

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