Sweden: “Green” Party Candidate Demands Europe Taken in Infinity African “Climate Refugees”

Daily Stormer
April 23, 2019

The most important thing you have to remember about climate change is that it has nothing to do with the climate.

This Jewish mass psychosis’ main goal is, like with all other things Jews do, to destroy our race, and the single biggest threat from it will be using this “crisis” as an excuse to flood White countries with trillions of climate change rapefugees.


Swedish Green Party candidate for the European Parliament Pär Holmgren has demanded the European Union do more to distribute so-called climate refugees from Africa and the Middle East.

Holmgren, who is running to become an MEP next month and is second on the party list, has said he wants to make climate change his focal issue if he wins a seat.

How exactly is “let’s flood Europe with infinity niggers” gonna help the climate?

These semihumans who can’t feed themselves are exploding in numbers because of White medicine, White technology and White stupidity, and these scum are trying to say the reason they can’t feed themselves is because of cow farts.

“Everything that has to do with ecological sustainability and social sustainability is connected. If we do not succeed in this transition to a sustainable society, where the climate issue and biodiversity and other issues are important, then there will be even greater stress on our societies,” Holmgren said in an interview with Europa Portalen.

The only stress on our societies comes from diversity, not from anything else.

Half of London turning into a Paki slum is a much bigger problem than the weather.

Holmgren believes responding to climate change also involves welcoming migrants from the Middle East and parts of Africa that he claims could become uninhabitable.

Those places are already uninhabitable, because they’re infested with these worthless monkeypeople who are in a permanent state of crisis.

Haven’t you ever wondered why the effects of “climate change” somehow only seem to appear in their countries, never in White or yellow countries?

Ethiopia’s population more than doubled since this happened, and it’s predicted to almost triple within the next 30 years. Are we all insane?

Recent opinion polls have shown the Greens struggling in Sweden with a poll from April 13th showing the party with only four per cent of the vote, the threshold for entering the European Parliament.

The Swedish Greens have been known to make controversial remarks in the past, such as when Lars Ahlfors, chairman of the local Greens in the town of Eslöv, said, “There is another party that wants to persuade immigrants to relocate. We think that if you do not enjoy multiculturalism, there should be an opportunity to give a helping hand to move.”

The remarks, suggesting that Swedes who do not like multiculturalism should pack up and leave, led to accusations of totalitarianism by Social Democrat politician Henrik Månsson.

They probably would if they could, but (((diversity))) would follow them anywhere they go.

Because sucking White people’s blood is a fundamental human right, you stupid goyim.

Green Party candidate Alice Bah Kuhnke, who heads the party’s EU election list, has also been criticised for suggesting in 2017 that Islamic State radicals should be welcomed back to Sweden and helped to reintegrate into society.

More terrorism is always good for the environment, or so I’ve heard.

I mean, more terrorism = more dead people = less C02 emissions.

This thing was Sweden’s Minister of Culture. The current Minister of Culture is a thot with giant, goofy dreadlocks, which I don’t really think is much of an improvement.

Remember – there’s nothing green about the (((Greens))) from Sweden or any other country – they’re just another tool of the Jews, and nothing more.