Sweden Hits New Low: Pippi Longstockings to Be Recast as Gypsy Refugee

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 27, 2018

So apparently the original Pippi Longstocking books, written by a Swedish female, were a bit of a feminist and a typical Swedish underhand trick to spread feminism to the kids.

I didn’t really pick-up on that as a kid. I just thought she was funny and zany. A bit of a tomboy – and I didn’t see anything wrong with that.

Tomboys usually have a strong father figure in their lives that they identify with, and he takes them along with him fishing or teaches them some sports because that’s what he’s into and because they like their dad, they copy him.

Usually, tomboys end up having genuine hobbies – which is more than can be said about most women. So that’s a plus.

On the downside, tomboys like to compete with men all the time and are particularly vulnerable to the whole “girls are better than boys!” meme. Because they develop faster, they can also keep up with the boys for a while, feeding into this delusion. And often times they can beat the boys, which leads to self-esteem issues for the men.

But as far as societal evils go, this one is pretty low on my radar. Not really even a problem in a healthy society.

Recasting your a national cultural icon as a Roma refugee though… that is a problem.


In a new version of the children’s story, to be broadcast despite initial objections from the creator’s family, the naughty ginger heroine will become a Roma “warrior against injustice” living in a troubled immigrant suburb.

Pippi in Rinkeby is to be transmitted as a radio series on state-funded Radio Sweden not just in Swedish, but popular minority languages, including Romanian and Arabic. The story, in which Pippi is a homeless migrant, who inhabits a car wreck, will then be published as a book.

“She is the world’s strongest and most self-sufficient girl and takes total care of herself. Everything is as in the original, but we have made it our own version,” 12-year-old Felicia Di Fransesco, who helped develop the story in a children’s writing workshop, told Sweden Radio.

What a trainwreck.

But it gets worse. Old copies of Pippi are being burned by the Swedish authorities. To rewrite history and to cover up her racist past.

The Pippi Longstocking saga has already been bowdlerized, after her description as a daughter of “King of the Negroes” was criticized as being unsuitable to modern tastes, while her adventures abroad were described as promoting “colonial racist stereotypes.”

The TV adaptation of the classic book was edited in 2014, with cuts including a scene in which Pippi slants her eyes to imitate Chinese children, and the following year the published text was also altered. Since the date, several Swedish state libraries have reported that they destroyed the old editions of the Pippi Longstocking book and replaced them with new ones.

My God.

To live in such times.

Are they going to get rid of Karlsson next?

He would be easier to redo tbh.

From what I remember of the books, he used to fly into people’s homes and steal their Swedish meatballs.

I would imagine that it’s not far from what Roma do now, which would make the adaptation possibly even more believable.