Sweden: Iraqi Sent to Prison for Travelling to Syria to Fight AGAINST Terrorists

Daily Stormer
February 21, 2019

We have just found the only type of hairless orangutan on this planet that the Swedish justice system will put in jail – the type that tries to act human.


A 38-year-old man living in Sweden who fought the Islamic State alongside Iraqi forces has been convicted by a court for war crimes after he posed in photos alongside the corpses of Islamic State fighters.

The Örebro District Court sentenced the 38-year-old to a year and three months in prison for taking part in the photos which were made back in 2015 when he was a part of Iraqi forces fighting the terror group Swedish broadcaster Sveriges Radio reports.

Originally from Iraq, the man posed with corpses, some of them mutilated, in pictures and in videos which were then distributed online on Facebook.

Prosecutor at the national unit against international and organized crime Peter Larsson commented on the court ruling saying, “No matter who the person is, war must be conducted in a civilized manner and no one should violate opponents unnecessarily.”

This kind of thinking is how your country turns into an open-air moslem rape camp run by Jews and ugly womyn.

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Wars do not have rules, least of all rules that help the enemy.

Larrson added that he was satisfied with the sentence saying, “It is sufficiently sensible because it should be of importance. Hopefully, it can control the behaviour so that one else thinks of it.”

Alain Souss, the lawyer for the man, said he is weighing the possibility of appealing the verdict and that his client was ordered to take part in the pictures and videos.

Yeah, that’s not gonna cut it.

You killed what could have added to Sweden’s greatest strength – brown terrorists living on welfare – so an example has to be made.

If you didn’t want to go to prison, you shoulda just stayed in Sweden and raped some women.

The case is not the first war crimes case to take place following the migrant crisis of 2015. A Syrian migrant was also charged in 2017 for posing for photos alongside dead Islamic State fighters while fighting for the Syrian government of President Bashar Al-Assad.

Just out of curiosity – have any of the actual terrorists that came back been sent to prison?

Silly me, I forgot what country we’re talking about for a second…

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That’s kinda how I feel every time I finish an article about Sweden… Except for the feeling bad part, that never happens for some reason.