Sweden Makes It Even Easier for Rapefugees to Bring Their Clans Over

Daily Stormer
June 20, 2019

There’s one thing you can never have enough of, and that’s brown 80ish IQ rapists who also do terrorism once in a while.

The Local:

The Swedish parliament has voted in favour of a law change that will make it slightly easier for migrants to bring their families to Sweden.

The right to family reunification was restricted when Sweden’s centre-left Social Democrat-Green coalition government introduced temporary new migration laws on the back of the refugee crisis of 2015, a year which saw an unprecedented 163,000 people apply for asylum in the country.

So you learned absolutely nothing, huh?

Thought so.

The new laws also made temporary residence permits the norm rather than permanent ones.

I’m gonna assume the temporary ones are easier to get, and giving more of them out makes it harder to deport them.

Originally intended as a temporary measure to ease the pressure on Swedish migration and local authorities by the high influx of asylum applications, the laws were set to expire this summer.

But parliament voted on Tuesday to extend the laws to July 19th 2021, with the exception of lifting certain restrictions to the right to family reunification – restrictions previously criticized by human rights leaders.

Has anyone ever heard of a “human rights” group that wasn’t founded by Jews?

I can’t think of any…

The law change will now make it easier for people who do not necessarily have refugee status, but are still considered to require protection and are in line for a permanent residence permit, will be allowed to bring their husband, wife, cohabiting partner or registered partner, and underage children to Sweden.

“His country isn’t affected by the brutal Syrian civil war, but there is a chance someone might be mean to him, so we have to bring his entire tribe to live off welfare in Stockholm.” – Some childless woman in Sweden.

If the primary applicant is under the age of 18, their parents are counted as members of their family.

Good thing they’re all under 18.

The Swedish Migration Agency estimates that around 8,000 relatives of migrants eligible for such subsidiary protection status will come to Sweden in 2019-2021, but each case will be tried individually.

If they say 8,000, it’s probably gonna be around 80,000.

Which is all for the better, since Sweden has a GDP that needs growing, and this is the only way that can happen.

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