Sweden: Migrant Shows Penis to 6-Year-Old Child in Public Area

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 29, 2018

This type of thing is bound to happen when people don’t have education.

And why didn’t this African gentleman take the “why you shouldn’t whip out your dick and show it to a child in public” lesson in school?

Because of colonialism and the Crusades and the Holocaust and so on.

This is white people’s fault.

Voice of Europe:

The Swedish district court has released an African migrant after he showed his penis to a 6-year-old child, Fria Tider reports.

On 11 May 2017 a woman with her two children entered a café in Sollentuna. As she stood at the counter she saw the man who worked as a waiter, showing his penis to one of her children.

In the police interrogation, the affected child said that the African first pulled up his shirt and showed his stomach before clutching his trousers and exposing himself.

The man later defended himself saying he “only” showed parts of his penis to the child because the six-year-old “asked him” to do it by saying “pippi”.

“I thought the child was curious about my skin colour,” he explained. Attunda District Court released the African and based their judgement on his own story.

Don’t like this sort of thing, racist?

Maybe you should have thought about that BEFORE you decided to do the Crusades then, huh?

A Catholic Jet bombing Africa during the Crusades, circa 1088 AD

And it’s a little late to undo that.