Sweden: Moslem Starts Knifing People on Train, Gasses Carriage with Pepper Spray

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
February 10, 2019

Train journeys across Sweden can be awfully boring, so it’s always good to have a wacky Paki on board to keep the passengers entertained.

Sometimes, though…


They just go a little too far.

Voice of Europe:

Swedish commuter train travelers between Uppsala and Stockholm were trapped in a train car with a knife-wielding man last monday.

According to testimony, the man used pepper spray inside the train car and ordered travelers to sit still while he stabbed two people.

The drama took place at 5 pm in a commuter train car filled with travelers between Uppsala Central Station and Arlanda Airport

When the doors were closed at Knivsta Station just before Arlanda Airport, a man pulled out a knife, Aftonbladet reports.

The knifeman must have been in dispute with two other men. He filled the closed train car with pepper spray or similar. According to testimonies, travelers began to cough and had difficulty breathing.

The dispute between the three men escalated into a stabbing where, according to testimony, “there was blood everywhere”.

“The stabber screamed that we would not call the police and that everyone would sit still. It was really scary”, a woman who traveled with the train said.

Even though the knifeman urged travelers not to call the police, alarm calls were received. And when the train arrived at Arlanda Airport, security guards were waiting on the platform to seize the man.