Sweden: Moslems Attack Police, Elderly Woman with Fireworks of Peace

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
January 2, 2019

These Moslems sure know how to celebrate the new year in style.

And to think… this was going on all over the country.

Vibrant af.

Infowars Europe:

Police officers, an elderly woman and a family home were the targets of attacks involving fireworks or similar explosives across Sweden, according to local media.

A gang of youths launched firecrackers at a woman in her 70s as she exited a grocery store in Skövde, police say.

The woman suffered some injuries, including damage to her hearing, GT reports.

Police say dozens of youths had been firing off ‘rockets’ in the neighborhood the night before, and responding officers were ambushed when they attempted to investigate.

“When police patrol came to the site, they directed the rockets at their colleagues,” said a police spokesman.

In Trollhättan, police are investigating suspected arson after a villa was set ablaze overnight while a family slept inside.

Police believe the fire was the result of fireworks being shot at the home.

“Someone has heard some form of a whistling sound and then the bang, which woke the family up,” a police spokesman told GT. “It could have ended really badly.”

In yet another incident, ‘rockets’ were launched at police responding to a multiple car fire in Uppsala.

“In connection with the police investigating a car fire in Stenhagen in Uppsala, a rocket was shot at one of the police,” SVT reports. “The rocket missed, but was suspected of being fired from a passing car.”