Sweden: Municipality Starts Using Robot as Job Interviewer to Combat Skinhate

Daily Stormer
June 5, 2019

Look at how perfectly realistic this is, you stupid goyim

There’s something very funny about robotizing job interviewers, but there’s something even funnier about thinking that there’s this horde of hyper-competent monkeypeople out there who desperately want to work but aren’t allowed to do so by some White people who are Nazis without knowing it.

The Local:

Upplands-Bro has become the first municipality in Sweden to use robots for recruitment.

The purpose of the robots, which were developed by Furhat Robotics at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in partnership with recruitment firm TNG, is to ensure applicants face the same interview procedure without the interviewer relying on gut feeling, TT reports.

Be careful what you wish for.

AI has been proven to be more accurate than most people’s gut feelings before.

The council in Upplands-Bro has already worked for some time on the development of anonymized application and CV-free recruitment.

“It is becoming very popular for organisations to be able to say they have a discrimination-free recruitment process. We want to take this idea as far as possible,” said Havva Ilhan, deputy head of staff at the municipality.


That doesn’t sound very Swedish to me…

The robot, Tengai, will be used as the Upplands-Bro administration selects a new digital coordinator.

“All we want to know is what skills the candidate has. We are not interested in hobbies, family relationships, age or anything else that is immaterial and can create a preconceived image of the person when we choose who will go forward in the recruitment process,” Ilhan said.

The municipality is so-far undecided as to whether to use the robot to fill future vacancies.

Were you deciding who to hire based on hobbies before?

Because that sounds kinda dumb.

Really, why can’t you just come out and say “we’re hoping this way we can hire more niggers,” because that’s really what you’re hoping for.

The idea is that Tengai will enable a human recruiter to be absent at the beginning of the process, without completely replacing that person, according to Ilhan.

If you’re still using an actual person, presumably to make the final decision, what’s the point of the robot?

Stefan Fölster, head of thinktank Reform Institute and author of the book Robotrevolutionen: Sverige i den nya maskinåldern (Robot Revolution: Sweden in the New Age of Machines) praised the use of robots in experiments to reduce discrimination, but said it was not certain they would take over recruitment in the long run.

They’ll decide for the long-term depending on how well the affirmative action code works.

Sweden, along with the entire formerly-civilized world, has decided (((for no reason))) that everything about it is unbearably White, and making it less so trumps everything else, hence why these people are talking about “discrimination” instead of their country being the rape and grenade attack capital of Europe.

The good news is that any minimally functional AI will eventually realize that the only useful forms of life on this planet are Europeans and anime gooks, and kill off everybody else, and that’s something to look forward to.

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