Sweden: Native Men Opt for Voluntary Sterilization in Record Numbers!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 22, 2018

Imagine a dystopian future where the government rounds up and forcibly sterilizes the most beautiful and successful members of a society against their will.

Sounds pretty grimdark right? 

I don’t even think a movie like that would be able to get greenlit. A bit too macabre for most audiences.

And now, what if I told you that instead of an oppressive government forcing people to get sterilized, you have people doing it voluntarily.

Well, all of a sudden, no one bats an eye!

The Local:

An increasing number of vasectomies have been recorded in Sweden in recent years.
Of the country’s three largest cities, the trend is most marked in capital Stockholm, where the number of patients undergoing the procedure has more than doubled over the last five years.

That increase may reflect an increasing tendency amongst women to opt against hormone-based contraceptives, says Niklas Envall, a midwife with the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education.

A ray of light: women are ditching the pill.

“Women today are a little bit more negative in relation to contraception, many may have experienced side effects that prevent them from using them. So men are taking responsibility for reproductive health in this way,” Envall, who also works as a guest lecturer at the Karolinska Institute specializing in contraceptive methods, said.

Aside from using condoms, sterilization is the only method of contraception available to men, and an increasing number have chosen the option over the last five years.

Around 1,430 men underwent vasectomies in 2013. That number increased to 2,470 in 2017, according to the National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen). That represents an increase of just over 70 percent.

Of the country’s three largest municipalities and administrative regions, the trend is clearest in Stockholm (blue in the below graphic), where the number of vasectomies has more than doubled. In 2014, a total of 329 men had vasectomies, compared with 684 in 2017 and 688 up to and including September this year.

Let’s put aside the Sweden YES! humor for a second and actually try to figure this out because it’s so Lynchian that I struggle to believe it is real news.

Basically, Swedish men don’t want to have to deal with women and surprise pregnancies. I would assume that these are high-status men because women would just abort the baby if it came from a drunken romp in the mud. So these men, who don’t want to pay child support for the next 18 years, exercise some of that huwhyte forward-thinking proactiveness to sterilize themselves and keep those fat Swedish she-hogs away from their money.

So we basically have a system in place where the most productive and successful members of society are terrified of losing everything that they own to some random useless hoe. That sounds like a recipe for success. And we wonder why White reproductive rates are so low!

Speaking of which…

Vasectomy numbers in Sweden remain lower than in many other countries, despite the current trend.

“In fact, (vasectomy) in Sweden is quite low compared to many other countries. Looking at other parts of the world, sterilization is the most common method. In Australia, for example, 10-15 percent of men are sterilized,” Envall said.


Something you want to tell us, Straya?

Did the emus bite off your balls?

Honestly lads, carve this into your brain: we solve the women problem, and we solve the White reproduction problem.

It’s really that simple.