Sweden Prepares for War: White Male Names to be Banned by Military

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 29, 2018

Does Sweden just do this stuff to amuse us at this point? To provide entertainment?

Who would even fight for a nation like this?


While feminists push for adding names like Khaled, Doris and Laila into the phonetic alphabet to promote “inclusion,” the military suggests this step would endanger communication as the phonetic alphabet must “sit in the backbone.”

The official Swedish spelling alphabet used by the military and the police, is not sufficiently “equal” or “diverse” and must be enhanced with female and Arabic names, the Frederika Bremer Association and the Equalisters NGO demanded in an opinion piece published in Sweden’s leading daily Dagens Nyheter.

The spelling alphabet, also known as the radio alphabet and the telephone alphabet, is a set of words used to denote certain letters to avoid misunderstanding in oral communication. The Swedish spelling alphabet originated in 1891 and consists of traditional Swedish names like Adam, Bertil, Erik, Sigurd, Tore and Yngve.

The feminist groups want to replace the men’s names in the alphabet to become more “inclusive” and better reflect Sweden’s increasingly multicultural society. According to the feminists, there is “no excuse” for having names representing Swedish men exclusively.

So basically, when you say stuff over the radio, you spell shit out not by saying the letters, but by saying Alpha, Bravo, Charlie instead of ABC.

The Swedes used names like Adam, Bertil and Erik.

Now they’ll use names like Abdullah, Babaganoush and Eloise. 

When they go to war with Russia that is.

That’ll have Russian high command scratching its head.

When the cyborg/bio-augmented Chancellor of Germany, Mechanicus Merkelus, begins addressing the legions of the New Kalergberg Army about to start their war on the Eastern front, what are the Russians going to think?

“Comrade, why do these Euro-Fascist invaders all have littly girl names and use musulman code?”

“I do not know, comrade. I do not know…”

It will be a total clusterfuck lol. Because you just know the Russians will call the Europeans Fascists. And the Europeans will call the Russians Nazis.

Like, that’s what they already do now, not much of a stretch to see it happening again in the near future.

And I wonder if the Jews might actually just use a clever concession to create an alliance of Alt-West/Lite-tier “nationalists” to go after the Russians, one last time.

They could make the inevitable confrontation with Russia come to fruition like this.

“Hey, nationalists, you’re right, the Holocaust didn’t happen like we were told. And what’s more, Germany and Western Europe and Poland are not to blame!”

“Yes! We had it wrong all these years! Do you know who else occupied huge swathes of territory with Jews in them!? The RUSSIANS! They were the ones that killed all those Jews. Stalin was a vicious anti-Semite! They are the real Nazis! They don’t share our values. That’s what this war is all about! Freedom, tolerance and blah blah blah.”

It could work.

Making the Russians the real Nazis and giving the Europeans a chance to wash off their guilt by fighting one last war of redemption against Nazism… well, that could happen, idk lol, probably a long shot.

It’d make for cool book plot tho, that’s for sure.

No stealing it.