Sweden: Semi-Nationalist (Anti-Moslem) Sweden Democrats Surging in Polls

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 13, 2018

Things are all interconnected. It is the nature of reality. The internet and mass media in general have accelerated this phenomenon in hyperreality.

What I’m going to say is: Trump doing the North Korea deal is something that is going to make people all over the world say “well, maybe people who think it is okay to be white are not pure evil.”

And then it is only a short distance to “I think it’s okay to be white.”

Trump succeeding in creating wealth and prosperity and PEACE in the world is going to positively affect European nationalists.

If SD is at 21% now, they may well come in first place.

Momentum for it being okay to be white is building in our interconnected hyperreality. And there is no stopping this.

The Jews are at war with destiny itself.


The anti-immigration Sweden Democrats have gained ground in a recent poll, pulling almost even with the ruling Social Democrats, ahead of an election in September. Similar parties have won recent elections in Slovenia and Italy.

The poll, conducted for Sweden’s Expressen newspaper and published Monday, has put the Sweden Democrats in second place, with 21 percent of the vote, the highest score in the party’s history. The liberal Social Democrats, currently in a coalition government with the Green Party, are still in first place but polling at 23.1 percent.

The surge in popularity for Sweden Democrats is attributed to voters leaving Social Democrats for other left-wing parties, but also to the country’s open-door migration policy, which has been accompanied by a crime wave.

Gang-related gun murders –overwhelmingly carried out by men with migrant backgrounds– have surged from around four per-year in the early 1990s to 40 last year. Rapes and anti-Semitic attacks by Muslim immigrants have also surged. Grenade attacks were up 550 percent last year from three years prior.

lol yeah it really is a bloody circus, m8.

Only the Swedes would have not created a new Hitler by now.

Or the British…

Sweden gets shit on a lot, really. The British are just as bad.

Just last week, Rakmat Akilov, an asylum seeker from Uzbekistan, was given a life sentence for a truck attack last year. Akilov plowed a truck down a busy shopping street in Stockholm last April, killing five people and injuring almost a dozen others. Among the dead was an 11-year-old girl. He said he acted on behalf of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL).

I will say: Sweden Democrats are as absolutely cucky as it gets.

Like really.

Why that flower?

It doesn’t have to be a swastika or a gun, but a flower? And f it’s going to be a flower, couldn’t it be a rose?

Honestly if I were them, I would use Mario’s face.

That is something everyone naturally loves, but which can be interpreted in a multitude of different ways.

But yeah – you can’t even call them a “nationalist” party.

They are Tommy Robinson tier (I recently wrote a thing about Tommy and his supporters, which I think is good and relevant).


Movement in our direction is movement in our direction and that is good whatever the case.

The Jews didn’t start introducing trannies and interracial gay sex in toothpaste commercials in 1950. They slowly transformed society, mainly through alteration of the culture, which the politics then followed. Politics always trails culture.

This is why, especially in the post-Charlottesville realm we now inhabit, I believe that we need to have an explicit and clear social agenda that we are pushing as the far right, rather than unrealistic political ambitions. As we push a more extreme cultural agenda, and we continue to grow our support base, the political status quo will begin to trail us.

That is already happening.

Donald Trump is that thing in its best form. But Sweden Democrats and the rest of the neo-cuck anti-Islam parties of Europe are also that thing.

Everything is going exactly according to plan – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.