Sweden to Introduce “Feminist Trade Policy”

Daily Stormer
August 6, 2019

Nothing any feminist ever did ever made anyone happy, not even the feminists themselves.

But they keep doing it over and over and over again.

The Local:

Sweden plans to introduce a ‘feminist trade policy’ to ensure that female manufacturers, entrepreneurs and consumers benefit equally from trade policy.

“Trade policy today benefits men more than women. Therefore, the government is now investing in a feminist trade policy that will contribute to the economic development of women and men to an equal extent,” International Trade Minister Ann Linde wrote in an article published in Aftonbladet on Friday.

This sounds like almost as good of an idea as feminist snowplowing.

She pointed to “inexplicable gender-coded differences in customs duties”, which mean that products aimed at women typically have higher duties than those made for men.


Did this bitch just assume gender is a real thing?

Isn’t that illegal in Sweden?

The feminist trade policy would also include a focus on gender equality in standardization issues, for example in vehicle safety. Linde states that women are 47 percent more likely than men to be injured in car accidents because safety standards are created based on male bodies.

Akshually, the real reason is that women are generally weaker and more fragile than men are.

Their bones are less dense…

…and they have less muscle mass.

That’s why, not because of some inane conspiracy theory.

I wonder how many years in prison I’d get in Sweden for saying that.

Sweden is well known for its feminist foreign policy, which was first launched when Prime Minister Stefan Löfven’s centre-left government came to power in 2014 and includes international aid for reproductive health and promotion of women’s rights globally.

An open air Moslem rape camp whose main mission is to spread the fundamental values and principles of nagging and baby-killing all over the world.

And this is a real country, that actually exists…


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