Sweden: Two Hajis Rape Two Young Women at Residential Home

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
August 14, 2019

This is unfortunate, but we shouldn’t tar all Moslem immigrants with the same brush.

After all, for every 50 Moslems who rape Swedish women, there are at least 3 who don’t.

Fria Tider (Translation):

Two immigrant men in their 20s have been arrested on suspicion of committing two different rapes on two young women at an HVB home in Uddevalla.

It was between July 23 and 24 that two “young” women, as Bohuslänningen puts it, were raped at an HVB home in Uddevalla.

According to the local newspaper, none of the people live in the home, however, there must have been connections between the people involved and residents there.

Once at the home, the men abused the girls.

One man was arrested after a few days, while it took a few weeks to find the other perpetrator.

Both have now been arrested on probable cause for rape.

Both men are said to have been born in 1999. One man is a citizen of Afghanistan and needs an interpreter. The other man, who was arrested much later, is said to have an incomplete social security number and has no special citizenship. However, the name suggests that he also comes from Afghanistan or Pakistan.

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