Sweden Will Have to Build Stockholm 2.0 to House All Immigrants

The Swedish Weekly
April 30, 2015

Old Town of Stockholm
Don’t worry, Stockholm 2.0 will look more diverse than this. And with more kebab shops too!

A new city, larger than Stockholm, would have to be built in order to house new immigrants.

No we didn’t grow tired of the first one, in fact, it’s more popular than ever. So popular, that we’re expected to welcome 600 000 new immigrants the coming four years to Sweden, where a majority will end up in the capital. At first, this can look a bit problematic to an outsider. What about jobs? Infrastructure? Crime etc. Luckily, we have a government who cares and looks after us, bless it. See, the government has already concluded that dwellings will be a problem and… that’s as far as it has come. It’s not very good, but give it a B- for effort.

Yes, 120 000 new people are going to come to Sweden every year for the next four years. A Sweden that already has a housing shortage, and there are no plans at all for how to cope with it. Until now.

I present to you: Stockholm 2.0.

It’s the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning that has produced a report, which states that 600 000 new dwellings would have to be built in the coming 11 years, largely because the increase in citizens is “more than expected”. In comparison, Stockholm municipality has 430 000 dwellings. This would be the largest building project ever in Sweden. To make this a reality, large sacrifices are demanded needed from the tax payers, the board states.

The board also lists a number of desperate fair and just suggestions to make it easier for immigrants to get a residence, which includes putting immigrants ahead of Swedes in various apartment queues and constructing houses out of old churches.

As you can see, in Sweden, we get out of our way to please as many as possible. Hell, we’ll even build a new city for you. Now, would you like the bathroom tiles in your new bathroom to be white or a gentle tone of light blue?

Video documentary from Red Ice Creations on the subject: