Swedes Foisting Masturbation Videos on Chinese Shoppers

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 6, 2019

Pornography is banned in China, you know.

But as a humanitarian superpower, it is the job of Sweden to show videos of men masturbating to innocent chink shoppers.


Customers at a Hong Kong Ikea got an unexpected film screening when one of the store’s giant TV screens began playing a pornographic video.

Ikea is still investigating how a big-screen TV ended up playing a film of a man pleasuring himself to an audience of shoppers in the Causeway Bay store. Chances are, someone’s going to get fired.

A quick-thinking staffer thought to cover the offending half of the screen by taping a large piece of paper over it, and eventually someone thought to unplug the TV. No word on how many shoppers got distracted from their mission of acquiring generic-looking, difficult-to-assemble but undeniably budget-friendly Swedish furniture in the mean time.

Covering the screen with paper and then eventually – after some time – thinking to unplug the TV is the most Chinese thing I’ve ever heard.

But no, I don’t think anyone is going to get fired.

This is yet another Swedish humanitarian intervention.

Some Bjorn is going to get a promotion for successfully pulling-off operation jerk-off.