Swedish Police Finally Find Solution to No-Go Zones: Just Don’t Tell Anyone About Them

Daily Stormer
April 5, 2019

If there’s one thing the cops in Sweden are good at, it’s pissing off the only group of men in Sweden that isn’t setting cars on fire.

Moslems setting cars on fire all the time for no reason is a typically Swedish problem, so only a typically Swedish solution will do.


Swedish police are considering withdrawing the newest update to their country’s list of “vulnerable areas” from the public after complaints by local politicians.

While the list has been released and updated for a number of years, some local politicians are pushing back against it, even asking that their areas be removed from the list entirely.

Referring to the places with the most violent critters as “vulnerable” is also typically Swedish.

It’s an Orwellian way to frame brown criminals as victims of… themselves.

One politician fighting his area’s inclusion on the list is chairman of the municipal council in Uppsala, Erik Pelling, who said he wants the area of Gottsunda removed.

Pelling said that the municipal government took firm action since appearing on the list and noted that “much has been done since then.”

What exactly have you been doing?

Because if you haven’t been reducing the number of monkeypeople there, anything else is basically pointless.

This Gottsunda place is about 50% invader, and its Wikipedia page is almost entirely about the crime there.

“Because of the lack of transparency, it is not possible to know if we are moving away from it. And, of course, companies are thinking twice before investing in a neighbourhood with such a label,” Pelling added.

According to newspaper Dagens Nyheter, the police are currently mulling over whether or not to release the updated list at all to the public.

Jonas Beltrame-Linné, press secretary at the police’s national operational department, told the publication it was “extremely uncertain” whether it would be published.

I kinda have to wonder why they were publishing them in the first place.

I mean, even Swedes would’ve eventually noticed that all these unpleasant places have nothing in common except for large concentrations of darkies in them.

And noticing is literally White Supremacy.

Swedish National Police Commissioner Dan Eliasson begged the government for help in June of 2017 saying, “Should we want the social contract to hold, people will have to want to pay taxes and participate in society. It must not go any further, we must reverse the trend.”

Safety for women, in particular, has also been a major issue in areas listed as vulnerable. A report released by the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brå) showed that 48 per cent of women living in such areas felt insecure being outside in the evening.

Oh no, the poor womyn!

Luckily, strong independent womyn in Sweden are working on a typically Swedish solution to all these problems:


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