Swedish Police Gun Down Sick White Kid with Toy Gun

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 3, 2018

File this story under the new upcoming section on Daily Stormer: “Fuck da Police.”


Stockholm police are being investigated for misconduct after officers fatally shot a young man carrying a plastic toy gun. The victim had Down syndrome and autism and his parents insist he was harmless.The Special Prosecutor’s Office in Stockholm confirmed the investigation of the officers involved in the killing of a disabled man on Thursday, but declined to provide details of the probe, Expressen reported.

Hol’ up.

The same police that can’t put down a single Moslem or nigger or nigger-Moslem rioting, raping and running wild in the no-go suburbs suddenly finds the stones to be able to put down a white kid with Down Syndrome?

The victim, local resident Eric Torell, 20, left his house unattended on Wednesday evening, and was soon reported missing by his father.

Eric’s mother, Katarina Soderberg, said her son could barely speak due to his disabilities and usually traveled accompanied by at least one adult.

Soderberg said the toy gun Eric was carrying was a gift, and it was the first time he actually had the mock weapon in his hands. She described the toy as copy of a submachine gun, significantly smaller than an actual weapon, and made of cheap plastic.

According to the daily Aftonbladet, Torell was pointing the toy gun at people on the street. The officers reportedly demanded Torell put it down, and opened fire when he refused to comply and began acting “threateningly.” The incident occurred around 4:00am, which means it is possible that the police couldn’t see the toy gun clearly due the darkness, according to media reports.

Okay first of all, the 4am stuff is complete bullshit. Everyone that has lived in the far north knows that right now you have “White Nights” going on. Basically, the sun only sets for like 2-3 hours around midnight. At 10pm, it’s just starting to get dark, and by 4am, it’s already light again.

Nice try, pigs. I’m onto you.

And “behaved threateningly?” Are you kidding me? Just stop and think about the implications for this. It was a dude with Down Syndrome. 

If the police can justify killing a barely functioning tard in cold blood and say that they felt threatened and get away with that…what does that mean for you and me, fellow crime-thinkers?

Besides, I have yet to ever hear of a terrorist downy running loose.

Occam’s Razor tells me that these police are really fucking incompetent. I mean, really. Like holy shit.

Alternatively, they could be actual Nazi police officers. Sweden has a long history of practicing eugenics and from what I heard, they had eliminated Down Syndrome… but apparently I was misled about the methods that were used. Perhaps it is a cultural practice in Sweden to gun them down in the streets upon spotting them.

And, clearly, they have an armed tard epidemic in Sweden, and the police was on high alert for these monsters on the prowl.

Finally, another possible explanation is that they have so many non-Whites committing crimes, that they reward officers who can kill a white guy to touch-up the lopsided police statistics. Some pig saw his chance to prove that he and his department weren’t racist and he popped off two rounds into the chest and one into the head of the “threatening” menace to Swedish society.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this was true, tbqh. But for now, I don’t have proof, so I’ll drop it. Although I’m sure that I’m right and the truth will out eventually.

Anyways, RIP Eric Torrell. You literally dindu nuffin’ wrong.

(Except for being born retarded.)